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Awesome! I'm totally making this. Fast and yummy. That's my favorite kind of cooking.
I love Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii. And I admit...I play a bit of WOW. My husband bought a PS3, but I haven't found any games on it yet that I love.
I'm in no way a wine connoisseur, but the absolute worst wine I had was while I was in Madagascar. Apparently they make several varieties of wine there. It's bad, really bad. You might as well just chug a bottle of vinegar.
I don't know if I can judge a restaurant "better" than others. I'm not a professional chef or even a good cook. But I know what tastes or feels good to me. While I do think that lots of people are in the wrong when they prefer individually wrapped ORANGE american cheese to a nice smelly brie, if any given eater isn't allowed to judge, who is? (But, of course, I'll probably consult Zagat's or something similar when it comes time to pick a new restaurant!) ;-)
If anyone goes to Paris, you've got to visit a place called Angelina's, which is on the street across from the Louvre. It's a nice "salon de the" (tea room, technically) which serves hot drinks, pastries and small meals. The thing they do best, though, is hot chocolate. It's like liquid decadent pudding/mousse rolled up into a warm creamy drink. Go to Angelina's. You won't regret it!
Hello everyone! I'm new and here's my (brief) story. I LOVE eating. I love going out to nice restaurants and enjoying artistically prepared and scrumptious tasting meals. Unfortunately I'm not a great cook myself. I tend to overcook meats and just don't seem to have a knack for mixing the right spices and flavors. But I'm working on it and getting a little better each time... appreciating the good cooking of the pros even more! Cheers!
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