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Tart tatin! and maybe some hard cider!
Driving, frisbee, Wii boxing, bike, read, all good.
Line cook 45-55 hours a week/ 5 days a week Nice until school starts again, then it gets a little frustrating.
I make a somewhat similar dish, using penne, mornay sauce, grilled chicken breast cut into chunks, and broccoli florets baked in a casserole topped with seasoned bread crumbs. Comes out all bubbly and crispy on top, while the sauce underneath the top layer keeps the chicken and broccoli moist. One of my favorite comfort food dishes ever!
Drink lots of water. Take any breaks in the walk-in cooler. If you can, hook up a small fan?
I believe it is Random House, Inc, New York.
Amuse Bouche by rick tramonto is pretty good.
hi all! I've been browsing this board for a few weeks now, just thought I'd introduce myself. Currently I'm a full-time student and full-time line cook, and I'm just trying to absorb as much knowledge about food and the industry as I can. Happy cooking!
I go there now, and it hasn't changed, though some chef instructors are less strict. There is a huge portion of the student handbook dedicated to what is considered proper hygiene and appearance. I've seen kids sent back because of improper ironing, not being freshly shaven, and most frequently unshined shoes. I think working so closely with food and product that will be consumed by the public, you need to pay great attention to detail in appearance and hygiene. If I'm...
i love my wii i got it recently, and only have 2 games for it (Resident Evil 4 and Smash Bros.) anyone have suggestions for my next game purchase?
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