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10 years later........
what flour were you using? you need a mix with some higher protein flours such as sorghum or millet and starches. and the easiest way I've found to keep dough intact is roll between 2 sheets of plastic wrap, carefully remove one piece, then flip over into pan. it definitely doesn't work the same as wheat flour crusts. also chill after making dough for at least 1/2 an hour.
less greasy splatter when you bake it. works for me.
personally having celiac disease, allergies to sulfites(buh bye wine), allergies to all seafood,  it sucks to be me. can't work anymore, especially in kitchens where flour is all around. when I go out to eat there are a few restaurants I trust to not cross contaminate and I go at non busy times for my own safety. I am a PIA and I know it. choosing gluten free as a lifestyle rather then a health issue? you have to be a little nuts, as it's in so much stuff!  the only good...
put a lettuce leaf over it when you're reheating to order. worked for me.
traditional menu with some new flavors from my son's fiancée - Cilantro and cumin. First time in 4 years we will be doing the big dinner  - my son has done his duty to the Marines and is now home! and all gluten free, of course. Kathee
Kokopuffs, I know that when I went Gluten free and since then I've had to take extra vit B, D and a multi due to vitamin Malabsorption. I went so long without being diagnosed with celiac disease that it really screwed up my immune system. might be similar to drug regime? not sure as I haven't  read the book. the latest info I've seen also suggests my heart attack came at a younger age than I expected due to celiac disease.
I know that for me, wheat is like an opiate to my body. The withdrawal sucked, but after about 3 weeks I was feeling so much better! I'll never be as healthy as I once was due to the length of time celiac disease went undiagnosed and unchecked in my body. But I'm way better than I was! and the gluten free products available have gotten so much more palatable in the last 7 years. There's Udi's, Rudi's, Glutino and even King Arthur has some really good mixes. I do miss some...
bob's red mill, king Arthur, google gluten free bulk flour there's a lot the problem with most gluten free "flours" is that the components are mainly starches and the protein content is very low. doesn't structurally hold up as well. can be fixed by adding sorghum, millet, amaranth or teff and even more brown rice flours.
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