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Wow sounds very luxurious that is offically on my list of resturants to go to before 30 hehe, thanks for sharing the service sounds almost to good to be true and if its that good i must be true no faking like that. But what would you expect from a resturant owned by Gordon Ramsay! hehe...
I would think though Im not 100% sure but if you do cook them ahead of time wouldnt they dry out in a cooking hold if held there for any major length of time? 8oz isnt very big so its a possibility...?
Awsome story and the pics gave a perfect visual aid thanks for posting them very interesting post to say the least!
Thats different iv herd of people who cook there meats with the microwave its alot easier thats for sure. i find that the microwave drys out food more times then not but meh "to each his own".
what would happen if you tried freezing Parmesan cheese without removing all the air possible? would it affect flavour and aroma?
I'm pretty excited to be able to go to collage in another year i cant wait . The collage i originally wanted to attend wasn't possible yet so i will be going to a collage that has the culinary program (but people say its a good program so meh) but even so i still cant wait!.
Thanks for the Info it sounds quite interesting i might try it sometime this summer when im able to get to a good place that sells good cuts of meat and thats not walmart/zhers hehe.
I remember my first time cutting up a chicken actually it was a turkey i was in grade 11 hehe it was hard but now its a little easier after like 3 more times and a few academic lessons. that link is rather helpful you should read it carefully it will help i wish i knew about it a year ago lol.
not to sound like a total fool, what is carpaccio just tenderloin sliced thin and seasoned?
That sounds absolutly delicious i might try that this weekend all those ingredients are available to me thanks for sharing!
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