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Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it. Actually, if we prepared the food in our client's kitchens, then the food would only be served in their household. If I wanted to sell the food elsewhere, then it would be the same problem I had at the beginning -- renting a commercial kitchen somewhere.
Hi folks! I'm having trouble finding a commercial kitchen to rent so that I can start my dessert catering business; however, I was told that some caterers prepare their foods in their clients' kitchens. Does this mean they can avoid the hassle and finances of renting a kitchen and going through the health department or do I still need to get the health department approval? Is this a legal move to prepare the food in a client's kitchen instead of a commercial kitchen? Is...
Hi folks! Does anyone know of any places that would rent a kitchen in southeastern Michigan? Thanks in advance, ~ M.
Hello, everyone! I just found this forum and I think it's great. My niece and I are interested in starting up our own crepes business. We want to start out serving our local area here in Michigan, but not sure how to get started exactly, so I'm glad I found this site. I hope to get to know everyone and to learn from you all. Thanks and have a great day! ~ M.
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