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I used Boyajian and did use the 1/4 teaspoon per directions.
Interesting that you should bring this up. I tried the lemon oil in place of the zest for the first time this week. I did use fresh juice, however. I did not find that it affected the taste. I did it to save me some pain (carpal tunnel) but it saved a ton of time, too, especially when you are doing a cake for 250 people. I have used frozen juice on occasion (minute maid sells it in the grocery store in small quanities) for other things and it has worked pretty well. ...
I have a request for an eggless cake. What do you suggest as a substitution?
If you wanted to use the fresh mint and chocolate combo, Gale Gand has a recipe in her book, Just a Bite, for Mint Tiddleywinks. All you do is take Mint leaves (washed and dried) and drop enough tempered chocolate over the top to cover. When it cools and you turn them over, the leaf is imbedded in the chocolate. That's it. Very tasty and a unique way to combine mint and chocolate.
M- IMBC stands for Italian Meringue Buttercream. Panini- I knew FRP was for walls- never thought about using it that way. I used to use vinyl but now use an extra large silcone mat. You roll it out and just turn it over. It peels off when you want it to but stays put until you've got it centered.
m- I recently upped my intake of business (wedding cakes) to two a weekend. It is not a large amount- my dilemma comes when I have two large wedding cakes in fondant. Since I use IMBC, I cannot cover them too soon or I have to worry about food safety. I only have occasional help when needed and they only do prep and clean up anyway. I also have had someone offer to sell one to me for $500, which, to my understanding, is relatively low. I wanted to check with everyone...
Do any of you use a sheeter for Fondant? I am thinking about purchasing one. Any tips? Things to look for? Pros? Cons?
I am fan of Choco-pan. They sell white chocolate and dark chocolate rolled fondant (caramel, too). It is the tastiest fondant I have ever come across. You can find it here:
Thanks Wendy! I got the recipe just in time, got the job! The bride is a little different. Getting married on Halloween, wanted a black cake to match her black wedding cake, I steered her clear of that and she opted for Chartreuse (sp?) because she thought it would look cool with green outside and red inside. I think it will actually be a nice cake because it is a very modern design but I'd scratch the red velvet if it wer up to me!
Never made it, never had it, now I have an order for it! I heard it is a "barely" chocolate cake with red food coloring??? Anyone have a recipe? Is this traditionally served with a special icing? Thanks in advance !
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