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It is time for seeking more advice.....I am 4 weeks away from completing my culinary education and now, it is job seeking time. I started out the best way I know by making a list of my favorite restaurants in and around my neighborhood as well as was checking with my school's lists (which are of no help). Now, as I have done with previous job searches, I got on the phone. Funny thing -- now I have a new obstacle -- THE HOSTESS!! Two of the restaurants I called had...
Me too!! After 20 years in the advertising business, I am picking up a new "towel" to throw around...I start at CSCA in April. Just have to follow my heart and put that passion in the right place. Good luck.
I am 44 and am getting ready to start culinary school in April....and I could not be more thrilled! I, too, have lead a successful business life in marketing for over 20 years but hey, it is just not fun anymore. And being VP is not all it is cracked up to be! Cooking is is is fulfilling to be a part of a fabulous industry....I can't wait!
ME too but I got the giddy feeling when I took the tour of the school. I start in April and I am both excited and scared to death. This is a second career for me and well....I better jump now or I will never do it! Good luck to all of us starting the new culinary adventures!!
I, too, am starting at CSCA in Feb. I was very impressed with their program and the facilities. For LA, this school is the top of the lot as far as I can tell. See you in class!
I have been reading through this message board today and have found most of what I am looking for -- words of encouragement and some reality in the world of culinary arts. I am getting ready to start my new adventure into this field. I begin at the CA School of Culniary Arts in Feb 2002 and I am both totally excited and totally scared about it. I have been in the advertising industry for over 20 years and, well, it is just not fun anymore. I have always had a passion...
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