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That's a long time to marinate but depending on the thickness of the meat, you might be OK.  Grill it and let the results speak for themselves!
I was also born into a racist household (father born in Naples.... Italy, not Florida)  and it took getting out of a catholic school (0 black people) after the 8th grade to learn that people are people.  While Paula made a blunder, the media has gone WAY overboard on her.  In one week, I think she lost ALL her income.*    I don't use her recipes or books and I don't watch her shows so this opinion is solely personal - I hope the clusterstorm blows over and she can at...
My suggestion is similar to Michael's - except a friend from New Hampshire (ironically named Michael) told me he uses a splash of vinegar so that's how I make them.  I use apple cider vinegar but I'm sure red wine vinegar would work too.  I wish the season for fiddleheads was not 15 minutes long!  
I bake cheesecakes for a restaurant here in Atlanta.  Hand to God, so far the best (reasonably priced) springform that I've ever had that gets TONS of use was from Publix.  Wrapped in a simple plastic wrapper, it looks very nondescript but I promise you, mine get lots of use.  I use 10" springforms and yes, after a couple of years I have lost one or two.  If you can handle the pan, look for a riveted model where the screws go through the pan (same principle as a riveted...
It's funny you're asking about how deep a person would make crème brulee when these days, everyone makes it shallow to get the most crust.  I wouldn't go more than 1.5" deep and I'd definitely opt for a shallow wide container to give diners the crunch they love.
He is on BYU-TV.  Chef Brad cooks with a ton of grain - makes lots of salads - but also mills his own flours.  Worth checking out if you're into baking with whole grains. 
Any fans of the BGE?  We got one for a gift and love the thing.  I do par-boned whole chicken, pizza, Cornish hens, sausages of every ilk, veggies - and did a leg of lamb for Easter.   Favorite things to Egg?    Any hurdles to overcome?  (Like cremating something because it got too hot?)   Odd uses for the Egg? 
I see you got your solution but next time maybe try sweet potato flour from an Asian market.  I'd be curious to know if you try it and the result.
I haven't seen any jars with single piece lids for the purpose of canning.  I've seen the white plastic lids for use once a properly canned product has been opened and then requires refrigeration.  These lids are not intended for the canning process.
Absolutely.  The leaves are considered part of the vegetable.  I eat the stems too, all but the last 1/4" of the bottom which I trim off.  I chop the stems into about 1/2" pieces and place them in the bottom of the steamer or the bottom of a sauté pan (depending on method used that day).  They get the most direct heat that way and become tender.  TONS of garlic.  Delish.
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