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I don't ever refer to veggies as being al dente. I have seen references to recipes where an author refers to veggies as being "crisp tender" which is the best description I can think of for this state of quickly steaming or blanching, then refreshing.
There are Greek places near here that serve octopus. Got DH hooked on it. I've had it before, it's part of every Christmas Eve Seafood Salad - but DH hadn't.
There's no accounting for what some people feel is "great food." When in doubt, I always order the "half roast chicken" and hope for the best. If I'm in a horrible Italian place, I stay away from the spaghetti because it will be waterlogged and bland. I usually just look for the safest bet and enjoy the company.
I enjoy: Tripe (Italian, Chinese and Menudo) Chicken Feet (Chinese) Brains (Arab) Liver (American - with onions) Kidneys (French) Pig Feet (Italian) Pig Ears (Italian) Pig Skin (makes a nice bracciola) Escargots (French, Italian and Chinese) Perhaps the most rare delicacy I have sampled is: Lamb Spinal Cord (Arab) I used to eat beef esophagus and windpipe until they were outlawed. When I was a kid, my mother would still be able to get them from a...
My mother tends to complain if veggies aren't more cooked. Not mush, but easier for her to chew. I like mine cooked just till the color is set, then refreshed. I prefer them crunchy but not raw tasting. As far as the waitress and her sitcom-quality response, it was not only lame of her, but of the cook to not just throw the beans back into a small skillet and cook them longer. When DH worked at Mesa Verde National Park in the fine dining establishment, he'd cringe...
Does this mean the ad was placed in Sioux City? Reading menus and spotting typos is kind of a hobby of mine and whenever I got out to eat with my brother, we bust a gut laughing over it. :lol:
Over the weekend I mixed up a batch of my whole wheat pizza dough but with everyone going here and there, it never got used. Tuesday night after work, I used it to make a half spinach and mozzie - half tomato and mozzie pizza. A place nearby made the best spinach pizza and garlic knots but they obviously don't work by recipes because neither item was ever the same twice.
There is nothing wrong with purchasing tapenade from a salumeria - fresh made by someone who knows how. I frequently augment menus to include a few purchased items from favorite places and I never misrepresent that food as having been prepared by me. To present mass-marketed tapenade that's been transmogrified with a few added things, then tell people you made it is the sin. And if the soccer mom with three screaming kids and cranky husband doesn't take some time to do...
After three days of thinking about it, I finally figured out what I find so offensive about this ep. Sandra has reduced the cuisine of my heritage to envelope salad dressing and tarragon, neither of which any self-respecting Italian would use. The last Italian ep was merely a comedy. This is an insult. And a disgrace. Sandra’s choice of kitchen attire is more than a little offputting. Does she think that we, the people who actually cook, don’t own any good clothes?...
I have a review in the works about this ep. She used plastic fake lemon juice to make the sauce of the piccata - then used fresh lemon to garnish. Is it any wonder I keep my sanity after viewing this torturous show? :eek:
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