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Thank you for taking the time to write this Marco. And your English is more than good enough to clearly explain the process. Jock
I don't know about the OP but I would love to have an authentic Ragu a la Bolognese recipe. Thank you Jock
I don't think you are alone Brian. I've seen others in the past, post that they too just dump the ADY into the dry ingredients with no ill effects. I don't use ADY anymore (I use IDY) but if I did I would probably proof it first, just out of habit I suppose. I don't see any performance differences either but that's not surprising. The difference is convenience, not performance but that line is blurred now too. You need less IDY than ADY too, thereby saving a few cents....
So, it turns out that the chemistry involved in salting potato (and pasta) water is hugely complex. Scientific studies have been done on the effects of salt on starches. They talk about salting-in ions which reduce the gelatinization of starches and salting-out ions which increase starch gelatinization. The sodium in sodium chloride is a salting-in ion and so reduces starch gelatinization, while the chloride is somewhere in the neutral zone. So, while most of us salt our...
Hi Cindy. I'm curious. Under the heading, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" if you have had such success with this recipe for so long, why mess with it now? Whatever the yeast is doing, it obviously works. Jock
To "lighten up" regular white flour some bakers will add cornstarch. I don't know if that would work with WW flour but it might be worth a try. Like Pete says, using 100% WW flour will give you a dense product.
That would be the one in your original post.
I was watching an episode of ATK the other day and they were reviewing thermometers. Of the lower priced pocket thermometers, this one was their favorite.
For what it's worth, ATK recommends Land o' Lakes butter. In my experience if you are making something where butter is the star of the show (croissants, for example) the average supermarket product doesn't cut it. Something with a higher fat content is needed (I use Plugra). Cultured butters are a bad idea for baking - too tangy. Otherwise, as KYH says, go with the basic supermarket brand.
There's all kinds of steamed puddings as you know Brian. Which one are you talking about particularly? I would imagine that with no leavening it would be pretty dense. Ergo, if you use all purpose (plain) flour you would need to add an extra dose of baking powder.
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