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Given the very small quantity of cake flour and the instruction to mix it into the batter "just until combined" it is clear that this cake's structure is not from flour protein. Therefore the structure is from the egg protein, (hence the similarity to a cheesecake) so how would you recomend treating this kind of cake? Thanks
Because the soft caramel you are looking for is made with sugar, butter and cream.
Cae canny?? I'm impressed Very useful insights. Thank you very much BDL.
Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I'm aware of the structure that the protein (gluten) in the flour provides and it's interesting that this recipe calls for 1/3 cup of cake flour (although I sometimes use a low protein APF - Gold Medal specifically) and that goes in last with instructions to "mix until just combinbed". meaning no gluten development. The cake is supposed to be somewhat dense and it is very tasty. It just doesn't look so good with the well in the...
Pretty good thanks. Super busy at work - hence the hiatus. It was my wife's birthday on Friday so we had dinner at a place called Anamandara, an upscale Vietnamese restaurant. Very nice it was too. Today the missus cooked dinner for me for a change. A chicken dish she saw on Lydia yesterday. Not the best cook in the world(!!!) I was prepared for anything but it was actually very good. A nice bottle of vino to go with and altogether a splendid dinner.
Is there a common reason why cakes collapse or is each case different? I don't bake many cakes but some consistently turn out well while one in particular collapses every time. It's an almond cake I've made many times (because it's my wife's favorite) but I'm not a competent enough baker to figure out why it always collapses. The formula calls for creaming the butter and sugar, adding almond paste in bits, then eggs, one at a time, a little almond essence and a...
Thank you all kindly.:roll:
Robo-Coupe is the commercial industry standard.
Thanks. I'm going to try one tomorrow as a test.
Do you prebake your crust Pie Lady?
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