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I have never used a boxed cake mix so I have no idea how much 4 of them will make. You could use some simple arithmetic and extrapolate from the information on the box relative to the size of your pan. You should plan to use the the full amount of eggs, water and eggs for each box of mix. Because it's a sheet cake you should keep the time and temperature the same but keep a close eye on it at the 25 minute mark. If it looks like it's getting too brown lower the...
Is there a question here at all?
Hmmm, the comments on the inevitibility of some degree of sogginess are very informative. I may be trying to attain the unattainable with a crispy bottom crust. I won't give up the quest but I won't beat myself up so much either. Thanks a bunch for the feedback.
Thank you gentlemen. Chef Ed, I've used the egg white trick with only limited success. My thinking has been kinda along the same lines as Chef Mohr; use a different crust. i guess I just needed that validated. Thanks again for your time.
It's only the first week in October but I'm beginning to plan for Thanksgiving. I've always used a pre baked flaky pie crust for the pumpkin pie and I'm now (after only 20 years!!) wondering if that's the right choice. No matter what I do, the crust is always a bit too soggy on the bottom. Not surprising really with such a wet filling. So the question is, is a flaky crust the way to go with a custard filling or is there a better choice? Thank you
Thanks Bughut.
I hate being ignored. I've walked out of a restaurant from being ignored too long.
So is this a lean bread or enriched?
Does your school have a theme or focus you can play off of? A snazzy address perhaps? So, where is your school? In Dundee? I'll be home next year visiting my dad in Carnoustie. I'll stop in and say hello if that's OK
For me it's the simple things like chicken breast with cream (p268) and it's variations. Or braised onions. I can make a bechamel suace in my sleep, I've done it so mant times but there's something about following Julia's instructions that makes it special.
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