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Thanks Bughut.
I hate being ignored. I've walked out of a restaurant from being ignored too long.
So is this a lean bread or enriched?
Does your school have a theme or focus you can play off of? A snazzy address perhaps? So, where is your school? In Dundee? I'll be home next year visiting my dad in Carnoustie. I'll stop in and say hello if that's OK
For me it's the simple things like chicken breast with cream (p268) and it's variations. Or braised onions. I can make a bechamel suace in my sleep, I've done it so mant times but there's something about following Julia's instructions that makes it special.
Thanks for that Greyeaglem. In the SF Chronicle article that Phil posted the link to it was noted that there are as many ways to cook a duck as there are cooks/chefs to cook them. Each insisting their way is the way to cook it for the best results. And I believe evey one of them. I'll try them all!!!
Well, thank you all very much. This is very helpful.
I don't have a lot of luck with roasting duck. I bought a 5# long island duck the other day. It comes sealed in plastic and no matter how long I leave it out to dry after I remove the plastic the skin is still soggy. And soggy skin = flabby skin when it's cooked. Also the meat tends to be on the tough side; not at all tender and, well, ducky. I roasted it on high heat (450) for 15 minutes to get it going, then turned down the heat to 350 and roasted it another hour. I...
OK, I gotta ask, whatever made you think to ask this question?
I think what they really mean is the so called "cooking wine" which has added salt. Just not very good wine is drinkable even if you wouldn't drink it if you had the choice.
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