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By vertical I mean with the tip of the knife pointing towards the bowl and the handle pointing to the ceiling. I guess it's akin to Ed's suggestion to use the tip of the knife.
For certain cutting jobs I find that holding the knife virtually vertical eliminates food sticking to the blade. This technique wouldn't work too well for cuting potato chips perhaps, where some precision is necessary but for basic chopping it works for me.
1" is good. The finished product should rise to about 1 1/2".
Yes it is and since angel hair is such a fine cut it makes it difficult for the home cook to execute. I'm not aware of a die that is available for the standard hand crank pasta rollers we use at home. Home made pasta dough is quite soft and delicate and not well suited to really thin cuts.
First question - why are you dumping the egg whites down the drain? They keep very well in the fridge for quite a long time.   I see nothing wrong with separating eggs with your clean hands. It is quick and very efficient. IMHO using the shell has its own issues. You get more egg white clinging to the yolk, there is a risk you can break the yolk on the shell (a concern if it gets into the whites you want to whip up later) and the whites you are going to use later...
Do they even make that anymore? It was a staple in our house growing up.
I got my book in the mail the other day. Love it! I made some of Mario's pizza for dinner yesterday. Very deliscious.
Such a deal!! Good for you KYH.
I never win anything. I am so excited. Thank you very much.
Would it not be simpler to add the prepared mint cream post baking? I mean, bake the brownies and when they are cool, cut them into two layers and spread the cream to make a "sandwich".
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