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It bugs me that some people are not willing to do any kind of rsearch to find recipes and instead expect others to do it for them. There are dozens of good sources for recipes including the library for those on a budget. If someone posts and says, "I have looked in a number of places for a recipe and I'm confused by the variations (or whatever) and I need help" I think that's very reasonable. But to say, in effect, "I haven't made any effort to open a book and I...
What's a Cake Suite in Connecticut? I'd really like to see Mt Everest on a clear day (something of a rarity apparently.) Not climb it mind you, just look. Learn to fly Cook in France and Italy for a year or 3
I hear stories like this and it makes me appreciate where I live and what it has to offer us amateur cooks. I guess I take all these things for granted. I'm glad for you OregonYeti.
Have you tried Google? Plenty of hits for California Roll recipes.
I found this formula back in 2007 and I swear by it. Success every time.
grew-yer is how I've always heard it prononced.
I think the lumps of butter probably punctured the thin layers of dough so instead of trapping the steam from the melted butter and causing the croissant to rise, the butter "escaped" to your sheetpan. It is important to have the butter and dough at the same consistency - not the same temperature. The butter should be at around 60* and the dough at 41* or so. Once it is folded in, the pastry will be fine in the fridge during the resting periods. I would recommend...
A couple of questions..... What stage in the process are you at? How many folds and turns have you made? There are a couple of techniques for incorporating the butter; which one are you using? Your butter is probably too cold but more detail will help identify the problem.
My mother used to bake mackrel in milk (I guess to mute the strong fish oil taste) but otherwise I've never heard of soaking fish in milk. Oh how I hated that mackrel!!
That's right. I just looked it up and the toxin is indeed solanine. However, the green color is actually chlorophyll produced from long exposure to light. Chlorophyll is harmless but it does warn you of the presence of solanine, most of which is present in the skin.
New Posts  All Forums: