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Thanks all. I did toast the groats with the egg first. Boxed veggie stock - hmmmm! Seasoning?? You know? I don't actually remember. Anyway, as ever very insightfull feedback. I'll have another crack at it because I like the idea of the dish.
I saw this recipe for Kasha in the current edition of Bon Appetite which sounded quite tasty. It is basically made from buckwheat groats cooked in liquid (sorta like cooking rice) and mixed with onions and wild mushrooms. Knowing the rich, earthy taste you get from buckwheat crepes I was anticipating something similar here but instead the groats were bland almost to the point of being tasteless. That's the first time I've cooked buckwheat groats. Is that the best I...
It's Chinese new year on Sunday and I have been volunteered to do the dinner banquet. I was thinking of firing up the steel wok my wife had when we first married oh those many years ago. We haven't used it in eons and I have never cooked in a wok before so I'm a bit nervous. The instructions I have read all say the same thing - get the wok good and hot, then add the oil and the food immediately before the oil has a chance to burn. A quick swish around the hot wok...
I'm a paper towel user - or should I say I was a paper towel user. I never thought of using a rack. Good idea.
I guess I'm outnumbered here but I still think people should make some kind of effort first. Trying something out first and then asking for advice is fine but (IMHO) looking for shortcuts is, what? I dunno, a bit presumptuous, perhaps? I get the whole sharing thing and I know that's what this forum is about. I too enjoy sharing what knowledge of cooking I have aquired over the years. Of all my posts on this site only a handfull have been recipes shared and fewer still...
It bugs me that some people are not willing to do any kind of rsearch to find recipes and instead expect others to do it for them. There are dozens of good sources for recipes including the library for those on a budget. If someone posts and says, "I have looked in a number of places for a recipe and I'm confused by the variations (or whatever) and I need help" I think that's very reasonable. But to say, in effect, "I haven't made any effort to open a book and I...
What's a Cake Suite in Connecticut? I'd really like to see Mt Everest on a clear day (something of a rarity apparently.) Not climb it mind you, just look. Learn to fly Cook in France and Italy for a year or 3
I hear stories like this and it makes me appreciate where I live and what it has to offer us amateur cooks. I guess I take all these things for granted. I'm glad for you OregonYeti.
Have you tried Google? Plenty of hits for California Roll recipes.
I found this formula back in 2007 and I swear by it. Success every time.
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