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Toast Try our avocado salad today. Toque
Just One!? Really? Okay..... Here Goes....... I'm gonna say............ Umm........... All of'em....TaDa!!!! (define "cook"..........then define "book") Essentially, we are what we eat, so I like ME (and you too). ~flash p.s. - keep on cooking...........your self.
:bounce:Long Live Gilroy (Calif.)!!!!!!:bounce: ~F-a- h
Hi Kevin86, No chicken broth in Holland, really? Well, I don't know if this is just a matter of semantics or what so... You could use: Chicken stock (make your own and freeze it). Or Use chicken bouillon cubes (buy them on the internet). Or Use vegetable stock or bouillon (make or buy on internet) Or Just use water and a pinch of curry and tumeric. Hope this helps..... ~flash
Great book, for veterans and neophytes alike. I saw it coming (prepub) and marked it to hold at my local public library--which got it in and on the shelf before the CIA's Conrad N. Hilton library could say "Fibonacci sequence." As a CIA grad, I often tell people we (chefs) don't generally use recipes, but are guided by ratios. I had been thinking about some kind of book dealing with this for some time. Thanks Michael! Still, they are just guides. Temperature...
Oregon yeti wrote: "I think that if you spend 15 minutes a day cooking, it shows. At least it shows in my usual cooking. On the other hand, if prep and cooking time is a social thing, at least between a few who like to do it, that shows too when it's served. And beyond that, when gardening and picking the produce is shared, doesn't that make your food and your social life that much better? One thing that made me think of this is how I make pasta from semolina...
JP is a common name. I worked with a JP in Marina Del Rey RC. cool dude. miss those days............... flash
Hey, been waiting for a while...........tenzo, I'd like to talk wit ya. flash
A recent article in the WSJ discuss the "fifth" taste: "The food industry is embracing umami as part of an effort to deliver highly flavored foods to consumers while also cutting back on fat, salt, sugar and artificial ingredients. At the same time, more consumers are scrutinizing food labels for chemical-sounding words and unhealthy ingredients. To understand the taste of umami, imagine a perfectly dressed Caesar salad, redolent of Parmesan cheese, minced anchovies...
I forgot who exactly said that, hit hit pass..... but I saw in the grocery market the other day, "Hemp Seed Nuts." Well, since I don't smoke it, and I'm kinida a sucker for reinvention, I bought some. Blechhhh....I don't care if they are a good source of Omega-3's or protein or "high" in iron. I mean, i can respect the effort; perhaps one day they and cockroaches will be all that survive, but in the meantime.... I thought..... hmmmmmmmmmm WHY NOT a...
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