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I'm growing it, but have never used it before. I saw it and just felt like growing something new, but really have no idea how to use it. What are you doing with it? Jenny
I'm hosting book club this month, and picked "Julie and Julia" as my book of choice for the club to read. If you don't know, it's about a secretary in NY who challenges herself to make the 524 recipes found in Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". When it's my turn, I like to cook food along the same theme as the book we've read, so taking recipies from MtAoFC is a given. So I'm sitting here developing the menu, and thought it'd be interesting to ask-...
Am I correct in thinking that I can fry them frozen? I mean without thawing them first.
So I'm making some spring rolls for a party this weekend. Pretty basic- some are going to be pork, cabbage, sprouts, carrots, green onions and some are going to be vegetarian ones without the pork in 'em. Ideally I'd like to assemble them ahead of time- cook the fillings and wrap them- freeze them and then fry them the day of the party. Has anyone done this before? Usually I just make them and fry them right away, but I'm making 200 of them and don't want to prep...
I'd make it the day before. I think it gets better after a day too!
I own my own personal chef business that occasionally caters different small events. I don't employ anyone else, so all the food preparation/presentation/serving of food/breaking down is done by me. A few times I've been asked by clients if they should be tipping me on top of the fee that I charge for my services and I wasn't really sure how to answer. Of course extra money is nice, but it's not something that I expect. Do any of you accept tips? If so, how do you...
We picked up some fresh clams and NC shrimp from the beach yesterday... We'll be boiling some peanuts to snack on, and then having steamed clams, grilled shrimp, grilled sausages, corn on the cob, slices of red tomatoes, a green salad, and cornbread for the main meal with watermelon for dessert. Really simple but really good!
Hi Gale, In your experience, what kind of foods have gone over best with the crowd when teaching children to cook? Thanks, Jenny
For herbs I'm growing rosemary, thyme, lemon verbena, cilantro, chives, parsley, basil, dill, oregano and lavender. I've got roma, cherry, red slicing and late-season tomatoes, pole beans, sugar snap peas, watermelon, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, habaneros, poblanos, jalapenos and California bell peppers. Also sunflowers for their seeds and 4 blueberry bushes. I don't like to plant it unless it's edible!
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