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I think if you are presenting culinary products, services or even talking a class thorugh recipes and how the processes work its useful to have a presentation behind you with imagery that supports your content - I started doing this a few years back with a secondary school class for HE and it seemed to keep thier attention. Reading sites like visual communications, vis.com and vconline helped me quite a bit to understand why using images helps in education, even though...
Grated beetroot, carrot and turnip with sweet vinegar dressing and seeds!
I love cucumbers - but because they are cold and fresh - these recipes sounds interesting but don´t think i could bring myself to cook one myself!!
At the moment i just can´t get enough of Port Salut - my new favorite is port salut and spinach risotto.
German Currywurst Ingredients: 2 (15 ounce) cans tomato sauce 3 tablespoons chili sauce 1 good-sized chopped onion, sauteed 1 pound bratwurst or sausage of your choice 3 Tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon ground black pepper 2 Cloves Garlic (diced) 1 Tablespoon paprika Curry Powder to Taste Preheat oven to Broil/Grill for cooking sausages. Sausages can be sauteed or barbequed as well. 2. Pour tomato sauce into a large saucepan, then stir all the other ingredients except...
Ever since i was 19 i have been to a nutritionists - i think its really important to work out what food work for YOU. Its not always enough just to eat 5 a day or eat lots of "good" foods like freash fruit and vegetables. Every time I go (once every couple of yesr) she just tells me what what foods to avoid and what to make sure I get a moderate amount of. For those foods that I am told to avoid, I don´t banish from my diet, as i discovered that caused me to crave them,...
I would just use it to whip some other tasty dish up - in my experience (and if you are as absent minded as me) items that tend to go in the freezer tend to stay there - until its too late!;)
Ideally id like to drink Caipirinhas - because they are so delish i fell in love with them while i was living in Argentina - but its a lot of effort and expensive so i usually go home and grab a VERY large glass of local cheapish plonk (or two) rest my head back and listen to the sweet melodies of Vivaldi or just fall in front of the tv!!
An egg! In a meat pie - curious . . . i always envisioned myself as really very english but egg in meta pie is something i have not come across.
I am fascinated by the obsession that non-smokers have over smokers. Is it because they are repulsed when they have to sit in the same room as everyone!? I smoke (when i´m drinking) and for me smoke and booze is a bit like lamb and mint sauce. But i would never go up to a slightly over weight person eating cookies and say "hey fatty - stop eating those cookies if you want to live until your 60", so why the obsession with smoking. The media also always tries to find other...
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