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I have an older Wolf oven (under range) with a bad thermostat. The local service company wanted to charge 280$ just for a thermostat. I found a compatible one on Grainger for 130 bucks. I'm considering doing the swap myself. Diligently googled, didn't find a how-to. How difficult is swapping a thermostat on a Wolf oven? Any tips to share? Cheers, Noah
Thanks, I couldn't figure out where the thermocouple could possibly be on my range. I think I'll simply turn the screws for the pilots off, and use a welding sparker or some such. Why in the world do commercial ranges not have a piezoelectric sparker.
I've been igniting the pilots with a propane torch, which is very hot. Could that be why they light immediately, even after overnight?
Thanks for the great info- The pilot light head (mushroom shaped thing) is red with oxidation and cracked on the surface- it looks like a piece of metal that's been in a flame for too long. Tomorrow, I'll remove them and try and clear them out. Here's the thing -on the pilots that DO work, isn't gas always flowing to them? I know I can manually shut off the entire range at the gasline, or I can individually shut off a pilot with a screwdriver - but when I hold a match to...
Yep, it's an old Wolf Challenger, and it has those mushroom cap pilots. So, when one of these pilots go out, there's a factory thermocoupler to keep gas from continuing to come out, or is that an upgrade I need to make? (thanks for the info! I've had little luck on google with this)
That makes sense, but I can't seem to locate the thermocouple. My setup looks just like the diagram here: (I tried to post the URL, but you need to have 5 posts before the system lets you. If you google: Wolf Pilot Lights it's the 3, or 4th link down titled "Pilot lights")(the 4 burner setup, twice). It's just a gas line tee'd off to each burner, and a little pilot light at the end of each one. Am I missing something? :confused:
My favorite is the venerable french-dip au jus on a crusty sourdough baguette, but with grilled off tri-tip and a smoked cheese (gouda, edam, etc). The juice soaks up with the melty cheese, and the beef give some chew.
You will need to contact the alcoholic beverage board of your state. Every state has different regulations, and usually there are many different types of licenses. For example, my license covers beer and wine, but only if 50% of my income comes from food. Full liquor licenses can be extremely expensive, and are issued in small numbers, or auctioned. The costs of the license are only part of the equation- in addition, your insurance skyrockets. Google the state agency and...
My restaurant has an older challenger range with 8 burners and a griddle. When I purchased the restaurant, most of the burner pilots were out; and as we get close to opening day, I'm concerned, though my cook isn't. Do you typically leave your (working) range pilots on overnight? Do you typically shut off the gas valve to the range overnight? Do standing range pilots have a safety shutoff where if unlit, they don't leak gas? I've heard some chefs prefer to spark the...
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