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I think the food network has gone to the dogs. they seem to move to personalities instead of good chefs. I hear they are going to pilot a show of naked play boy bunnies demonstating the many ways of cool whip and fruit. who needs keller with show like this.
I was hospitalized for diabetes three years ago. Studied what the cause of the it was, cured myself and have been ooff insulin for over a year and eat all the pasta I want. My doctor refuses to acknowlege that diabetes can be cured. And when I ask him why my protocals works he just shrugs his shoulders. I also lost over 65 lbs with out restricting my dieting.Doctor can't explain that either. But the realy interesting phenonoma about my doctor was he never asked my ...
Steam cabbage till tender remove leaves,put in ice bath. in rice cooker, cook quinta with onions,pepper,hot peppers,chicken stock you can add just about any spice you want to it. cook quinta in chicken stock. once done cool. add whites mix and form into balls then wrap in cabbage leafs. IN bake dish put a can of crushed tomatoes on bottom season place the wrapped cababage balls in dish cover and bake Steamed cabbage with cellery seeds/with tomatoes if you like
Do a meal where the kids can help. it might take their minds off of the terrible situation ,at least for a little time. You could do pizza,assemble your own tacos. mybe ever give the kids some kooking lessons.
add a tsp of coco powder unsweeten and touch of peanut butter.I also use a few slices of galanga root
I think the bags are great. I tested them with stawberrys. The berries lasted for about two and half weeks,usually they last a few days.
Thanks I give them a try and let you know how they come out.
I'll cook the chitlins but I will not clean them. LOL
I went to an amish celebration a few years ago ,my son is amish, and all they had there to eat was chinese cabbabage raw, bread,butter and honey. Not one attendee complained,everyone was friendly and cheerful. I learn one the greatest lessons of life. Be greatful for what you have and not what you could have. Friendship is worth more than all the five star dinners you will ever eat.
I love brain storming ideas. **** my mind seems to work a hundred miles a min. Here is my two cents. If you look at the number of books sold to get onto the NYT best sellers list its not as many as you would think. Anyone can write a book but the million dollar question is how you going to market it. The cooking book section of most book stores are jammed packed with cook books and most of those books are by tv celeb types pushing the latest and greatest cook book. The...
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