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Thanks for reply and the detailed information about the edible eggs, shel. I never know that there is a magazine which mainly talk about the edible, high organic foods... Will surely check it out. :)
Well, it's kind of tough for this question... As this totally related with those peoples "Appetite", if they the types of person that love appetizers more than the main meal, than you should be prepared more for them.
Talking about finger foods, my stomach begins to making noise Here is the list of my top 5 finger foods: Sushi Temaki (Californian Rolls) Parmesan Crispy Stuffed mushrooms Pancetta These foods really make you said, "finger licking good" :chef:
Thanks for the sharing the tips of this kind of incredible eggs, really appreciated it indeed. To be honest, it is become hard and harder to find the fresh and organic eggs in my living area (Seattle, Washington).
If you love the chinese/japanese cooking so much, then you can check this site here: Chinese Food Recipes, Chinese Food Cooking Tips, Chinese Cookbook and Chinese Cuisine This site is daily update with the Chinese food tips and recipes, it also teach you how to eat healthy and balanced Chinese foods as well.
Different type of jobs will have their own working weapon, while the knife is considered as the main weapon for a chef. That's why, every chef has the own responsibility to take a good care of their knife. :) I remembered my first knife is this "Forschner 10 inch" type and this had been nine years ago...
It is hard to tell what's wrong with it, you need to show us the recipe here so we all can find the main causes for this matter... However, I think this maybe causing by the amount of butter used for the ingredients...
Well, I think most of us have been set up by those who claimed themselves as our "Friends"... This totally an awful experience, but you've also learned the lesson here as well.
$80 for a 8 person group would be considered as a fair charging here, my friend. You can even go up to $100 or $120 for the total price, but is all up to your final decision here. :)
Besides of having a excellent cooking skill, you must also pay attention for these following factors, if you want to manage a successful restaurant: The Location The Budget Fresh/raw food suppliers Strategic to expand or opening more franchises You must carefully planning, before you bring your dream to live...
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