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That's a tough pickle, @Fantality. One aspect of a career is the level of pleasure you have or seek from what you do. And the other piece you need to weigh is the money. There is not some subversive virtue to working like a pauper simply to feel good. Bills still need to get paid. You still need to eat. So, money can certainly be an overwhelming deciding factor to determining which path you follow. Weight the pros and cons, look at your satisfaction in the work you do and...
  It's a rite of passage. When the intention isn't with malice or pointed, it is a way to talk. Of course, when customers are around, blue talk is taboo. Sometimes, a little punch of colorful talk can break the tension. 
Hi, Tom! Welcome to ChefTalk. Glad you have found the resources here to be useful. Look forward to learning more about your background as a chef in the UK. Again, a warm welcome!
Thanks, @summer57 for that menu item. I work for a food distribution company, and I have been tasked with how to potentially use the green variety. Thanks for sharing!
Welcome, @Capricciosa! Great to have you here. There are plenty of bakers here for you to exchange ideas and to whom you can share your knowledge. Interesting that you say you "can't see myself doing anything else." So true for so many of our field. The hours can be daunting, the workload can be overwhelming, the demands can be truly painful, alas it is a path from which many of us won't stray.  Again, welcome! 
@JTWTTaylor Welcome aboard! Food trucks are such a hot area in our industry! Your cautious, careful and calculated move into the field sounds like the right path. Your financial background is key! So many restaurants fail not because of poor food, but mismanagement of numbers. Certainly, a good demographic study and offering the right product are essential for success. Please keep us posted as move forward! Again, welcome aboard!
Hi, @JamieJones1126 A career change sounds really exciting! You have certainly picked an exciting career to change paths into. As for which branch to pursue, there are a lot of aspects of the industry represented on ChefTalk. You should be able to glean a lot of information across the forums. Congratulations on your new path!
@mlorencz sounds like an interesting opportunity for which you are in search. I would think you could do some good networking here to, hopefully, fill your need. You may want to take a look in on the Professional Chefs forum to pick some brains and offer your skill set. Best of luck!
Welcome, Huma! Being a vendor sounds like you can share some great insight! Glad you came out of trolling mode. Welcome aboard!
I appreciate the insight. It is a new product for me, as well. Interested in trying them. Thanks, again, @berndy, @AllanMcPherson, @summer57, @flipflopgirl
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