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Thank you, @BeachChef22. I appreciate your thoughts. I like the idea of a binder; seems very comprehensive. My challenge would be the timeliness of being able to respond/react to customer inquiries. I like the idea of compiling some items for quick reference. Thank you for responding!
A battle that rages on..! We have explored staff meals in the past, but it is a topic always worth discussing. Family Meals/Staff Meals can be a great tool to build camaraderie and good vibes. It provides an opportunity to use up under-used ingredients (i.e. clean out the cooler) as well as allows an avenue for cooks to use their creative juices to create something. Often, the meal will be a cultural specialty that never has a chance to be on the menu, but can be a...
I get hit with special requests in the kitchen all the time... gluten-free, allergic to this, allergic to that. Sometimes, I simply don't know. Do you have a favorite, tried and true app or site that is effective?
In poring over the responses, it seems the commonality comes down to a few glaring aspects:<> Education<> Technique<> Work ethic<> Professionalism So, it seems that @SpoiledBroth's snarky......might be interpreted with: No technique? No, not at all. Look at some of Escoffier's presentations. The aspic work. The symmetrical displays, the savvy knife work. The tiers. Are they the same as Ferran Adria's plates at El Bulli? No, but very sophisticated plating, nonetheless....
 Wow! @rbrad - you nailed me... down to the tattoos... but no invite to conventions...yet. And, I started writing before Kitchen Confidential. But, wow! That was accurate. 
All of the above. I was hoping somebody would ask this! I think the old/new schools of thought different in exactly all the areas you mentioned. Cooking style, for instance, is just one aspect. Longevity. Pay expectations. Training. Yes, an enlightening thread. And grateful for that.
@chefedb - I agree with you... too many empty promises. So the question has to be asked: does school contribute to the 'new' thinking?
Hi, @SpoiledBroth. Yes, it is definitely a generalization and I don't mean any offense with that. My point is, in the spirit of new vs. old, that there is (may be) a sense of wanting things to happen more quickly without dues being paid. It used to be the vertical climb to chefdom. Whereas it seems there is a good bit of skipping over dishwasher/prep/salad/sous chef responsibilities and jumping right to the head of the class. I am totally, 1000% percent in support of new...
What about the mindset? Noticing the sense of entitlement creeping into the younger crew. Less work, fewer hours, more pay... but still the dream of restaurant ownership. Aree with @Chefross, it is certainly a never ending cycle... yesterday's new school is tomorrow's old school.
Got into a heated, yet jovial discussion with the crew about old school versus the 'new' school of chefs and cooks. The talk evolved from the case for/against going to culinary school, needing to know the classics, etc. So, I was wondering.... what do you think defines the newer cooking school of thought, what defines the old? It isn't a black and white issue, but several shades in between. Interested in what you think.
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