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I appreciate the insight. It is a new product for me, as well. Interested in trying them. Thanks, again, @berndy, @AllanMcPherson, @summer57, @flipflopgirl
Exactly what @panini said. Not all experiences are good ones, but they are experiences nonetheless. Sometimes you learn how not to do something. So, when you are in your own operation or working your way up the ladder, you make the right decisions based on what you experienced.  Best wishes for your culinary school adventure.
Anybody using green garbanzo beans? How so? Like them?
Ok, so I have to add this because I am just, well, giddy with excitement.   The night before we headed to CIA, we stopped at Progress Bar/State Bird in San Fran. Tonight, Chef Stuart Brioza of those fine establishments was named a James Beard winner!! After experiencing the amazing food, meeting this really personable chef and sharing the company of his fine eatery, I am so grateful he is thrust into the spotlight that is the James Beard Awards.  
Thank you for your feedback and enjoying my little recap. It really was a humbling, serious experience. A few more shots, just because...        
I was fortunate enough to be invited along with my company's R&D team to be part of the CIA's Worlds of Flavor at the Greystone campus. In essence, the event is a 3-day seminar/conference that revolves around a particular cuisine, region, culture. Done in true CIA-style, there is an abundance of experts, seasoned professionals and myriad top shelf ingredients. This year's theme was the integration of Asian flavors with western concepts. Some observations:   The facility...
Well done!! Enjoy the great looking boards!
Happy to assist, @Chef Basil. I hope it helps. Please keep us posted!
Old thread, but maybe worth revisiting. @chefmike1962 brings up concerns about the HALO system. Are there others that are particularly helpful/functional? The tablet platform seems to be sweeping the market. Any insight?
Only knowing about an exam I took many moons ago for Sodexho.. Sodexo... Sodexho-Marriott... Marriott... whatever it was called back then, is what I can offer. I specifically remember questions about portion cost (eg. how much per portion if turkey is $2.47/# and portion is 6oz, etc) and cooking loss (eg. need to feed 88 people a 5oz portion of roast beef top round, at 25% cooking loss. How much do you need to buy?) I also remember ServSafe-esque questions. If I were to...
New Posts  All Forums: