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^^ what @kaneohegirlinaz said! I write a few of those pieces and am always trying to get some readers. Welcome to ChefTalk, @triddick1!
I am willing to part with my copy if anybody is interested. Drop me a PM and I will send it your way.
I, too, have the DVD collection and go back to it from time to time. REALLY funny stuff and some fairly accurate details in cooking. Highly recommend!
Hey, Logs! Welcome! This is a great place to exchange ideas and get answers/offer insight when the need arises. And we are a friendly bunch. We'll keep it lively for you. What type of operation are you involved with in Montana?
Ok, ok.... I'm back with more questions than comments. So, I have dusted through Grain Brain and I have more concerns/questions/trivia than I do answers. I have read Dr. Perlmutter's prognostication; I have processed what he has said and, from his eminent authority, still can't make heads or tails of what to do, what to tell people and what to eat.   The 5-cent summary: no wheat, no carbs, no sugar. Save your brain. The net result... no headaches, improved mental state,...
On 12.20-21, our Culinary 10, 11 & 12th grade students were joined by school staff, business partners, graduates, family and friends to bake cookies for every police officer in the state of Delaware. At 8am, the 10,000+ cookies were dispatched throughout the state as a 'thank you' for keeping our community safe. An extraordinary effort by a very dedicated group of students who chose to give up the first day of their holiday vacation to stay up all night to fulfill our...
Very sad loss for the culinary world, Chicago's Charlie Trotter died today at 54. Not many details have been released. Sad day.
I really appreciate you saying so. I am reeeeeally craving! I am giving it a week or 2 to see how I feel. Thank you, again, for sharing your insight!
ChefTalk is the digital home for many people; you have created a great place! Thank you, Nicko, for all you have done. Happy birthday to you!  
Perhaps it boils down to this: Culinary school is a start; it is foundational and formative. But, a start, nonetheless. It is what is done with that start that will determine the path. Yes?
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