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Ouch! I'm even getting it from Pete! I see Greg has gotten to you. So let me just say this, again:   GO STEELERS!    
I'm from Pittsburgh... GO STEELERS!
Wow! Has anybody ever seen http://tinyurl.com/23urfrn (My Strange Addiction' Focuses on Unusual Obsessive Behavior Bizarre Uses of Blow Dryers, Ventriloquism and Toilet Paper)?   And I don't say that to poke fun or be mean. But, some people do some.. uh.... interesting stuff:   Lori Broady could not live without her hair dryer. Since she was eight years old, she says, she couldn't fall asleep without it turned on next to her in bed. a woman addicted to...
Greetings! I did a quick search of ChefTalk and found a pretty good thread at: http://www.cheftalk.com/forum/thread/11904/george-brown-college   Also, try using the search box at the top of the page... there are quite a few threads that may be of interest to you.
   Sound advice! You will experience so much, writing it down will be one way to recall it in the future, as well as help commit it to memory.    Please, oh please, don't say "I know how to do that" implying that you know anything of what you are being shown. At best, it comes as off as overconfident. At worst, it comes off as cocky. Either way, you will not get the education that an internship so potentially holds. There is more than one way to everything in a kitchen....
Maysoon, not that we mind shedding some light on your inquiries, but don't you think you might get better feedback in speaking directly with a few culinary students?
I can't really shed much light on their customer service changing, but when I was in the employ of W-S, their return/replacement was solid: lifetime warranty on anything purchased in the store was returned for exchange, no questions. Sorry to hear that has changed. 
All through the house, the smell of Rosemary-crusted turkey nestled upon root vegetables does waft. The sweet potatoes tossed with chunks of apples with butter and quince doth roast away. A cherry pie topped with oatmeal and apricot crumble waits it's turn to gather under the fire. What are you making tonight?
Welcome to ChefTalk! I am glad you made your way here!!! I think there are a lot of people here that can share their thoughts about the greet stuff at Pyknic. Rest assured, crew, The Butcher isn't here to spam. Rather, he and his partner, The Chef, are the guys behind Pyknic (BusinessWeek Magazine's 2010 #2 Young entrepenuers of the Year) are here to get ideas for their product line. They have been great supporters of my young culinary students and have some great...
    I would be cautious making blanket generalizations. There are many paths to follow, especially more paths than the "top 4 schools" mentioned. As it has been said many, many times throughout this forum, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Many professionals/professionals-in-training do well in smaller, community college programs. Some do well by making the break away from familiar territory and going to a larger school, while others do well by exploring options...
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