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Glad you liked the article. We make fresh ricotta every week and there is no denying the flavor and texture. 
Looks like you have done some research, and I think that is a good start. For such a sizable investment, have you considered visiting the locations to observe the classes and talk to current student? Might be helpful in making your decision. Good luck with your endeavor!
I did a review a while back (located here) on an induction rice cooker. I have to say, I have had great results with that tool; the resulting product and ease of use make it worthwhile for home cooking. There are many (!!!) makes and models of rice cookers out there. You may want to experiment a bit.
Marcus, welcome! (M. Apicius is a great Roman character! Nice choice for nickname!)   Can you fill in some blanks and maybe we can assist a bit more? You mentioned that you were bombarded with tons of places; any of those that are worthwhile? What type of place are you looking for (fine dining, country club, hotel, etc)?   Give us a just a bit more info and let's see what we can do.   Looking forward to hearing from you!
"Cawkasin Bread".... cawkasin?! So, I'm thinking... somebody did something from some cultural recipe book. Nope! Cawkasin... caucasian!!! Caucasian Bread = White bread!
Mr Fender... guitar player, I assume?! Welcome to ChefTalk!   The question you asked is a VERY loaded one! I am a high school culinary instructor and I will tell you that I hear your question asked very often. As I just posted to another potential culinary school attendee, the best way to make a decision is to make an informed decision. Talk to current students. Visit the schools. Really watch what is going on. Is there active instruction? Are students engaged in...
Hi, Graciee! There has been a lot of debate over the years about AI experiences. Just lately, a few of the schools have or are slated to close. That can be an indicator of something not so good. My advice? Visit. Talk to current students. Talk to grads. Opinions over the 'net can be very mixed in intent. Get some good, honest insight from people you encounter directly tied to the programs. What works well for one student may not work as well for another. Make an informed...
Welcome to ChefTalk! As you may have noticed, there is an abundance of information on the site about knives. Your investment would be best made with a bit of research. Often, you will hear/read cautionary tales of buying a set. The reason being, while you may like the chef knife and fillet knives in the set, you may not like the slicer and boning knives, etc. Better to put together a set as you become more comfortable with what you like. It can also be a daunting task to...
We are sitting on a blanket, spread upon the hood of the car, two mugs full of really rich hot chocolate in hand and a plate of extra thick chocolate chip cookies wait to be tackled. A few feet from the Jeep's bumper, a fire crackles and laps at the cascading snow flakes as we shake off the chill. Dave Matthews' Crush is the muffled hum from the speakers safe on the inside in the warmth, shielded from our outside dining room. The backdrop is the infrequent twinkle of the...
Very Andy Kaufman-esque! Cotton-lined toilet seat covers on the plane?!
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