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 Exactly my point! Those are a couple random shots of food that I wanted to a.) keep to capture the memory and b.) share with fellow food people. Yeah, there are some limitations with camera technology, intellectual property, etc. But, wouldn't you be inclined to go to or at least ask about the restaurant whose food is pictured?
It sure is. It is Cream cheese and Banana Stuffed French Toast from Sabrina's in Philly. The bottle (of much debate... haha!) is ketchup... for homefries. And if you are from Pittsburgh, it is for your eggs, too!
I am a definite restaurant addict! I enjoy the experience and really relish sharing the experience with others. A great way to do that is through capturing images of the experience. So, I take pictures. At the same time, I am respectful to, say, the customers around me, my guests and the operators of the restaurant. I use a high-res pocket camera or 8MP camera phone. I wouldn't drag out my big camera rig unless I have made arrangements with the management of the...
Hi, Steve! I am a huge fan of Shoes for Crews (shoesforcrews) and recommend them highly; the cost is reasonable, customer service is excellent and the quality is quite good. There have been some other discussions on CT re: shoes. You may want to poke around to see what others have to say. I have seen the Dansko brand mentioned a few times, along with some others. Good luck with your course and take care of your feet!
I know!! I'm kinda looking for some cool artwork!
Nice! I am big fan of the anatomy pieces. I don't have 30 (only 10 at this poit), but 2 are culinary related.   I am from Pittsburgh and a cook, so this one makes a lot of sense...     And my food/Dave Matthews Band-inspired piece (from "One Sweet World"):  
Sent you a private message. Take a look when you get a chance. Thanks!
That is awesome! What type of partnership do you seek?
I hear ya' with the egg white-whipping.... but it does make a textural difference. Also, you can absolutely cut the recipe in half; I use the doubled version so I can make and freeze. Good luck and enjoy!  
Happily listening to the new Dave Matthews Band disc, Away from the World. Some gentle pieces and some really moving ones make for a pretty good experience.
New Posts  All Forums: