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Jelly, you are very welcome! I am so glad you liked the posts. Keeping that blog 'alive' allows me (and even some of the students that made the trip) to relive every now and then. I miss that place as if it were a comfortable home. Going back in July of next year!! 
I am in the budgeting/fund raising stages of my students' next trip... and a word of caution: the Euro is very strong right now against the dollar. Be sure to keep that in consideration. 
You are in for quite an adventure! I made my first trip last year with a group of students. It was spectacular, to say the least. Here is a link to our online journal that we created daily from there: http://cookinginitaly2010.blogspot.com/ It is full of observations, experiences, adventures and intrigue! Feel free to contact me if you want specifics.    
My dad used to say: What do you call the guy that graduated last in medical school?   Doctor!      
Interesting reading, to say the least. The very least. Customer seems a bit hung-up on "too sweet". Uhhhh...   Which actually got me thinking about the subjectivity of dining out, or, anything rooted in creative expression, like a movie, music, etc.  Is it not difficult to appease the appetite, both literally and figuratively, of the public? What is good for one may not be so for another. We all like different toppings on pizza, so how could one pizza be suitable for...
First, welcome to ChefTalk and to your career!  You have a long and windy road ahead of you; enjoy the journey!   On to business... What you are asking is a very loaded question. There have been many discussions around questions such as yours in this community for years. There are those that insist that school is an absolute necessity. There are those that feel cooking school is a waste of time and/or money. I think we all agree that what works is, in fact, what...
A few years' back, I was able to review the Urbani White Truffle Oil for ChefTalk. It was VERY fragrant and may be the flavor for which you seek.
There is some validity to your friend's statement. Many people will work for a while during a stage. During this time, the student will gain experience and learn some of the nuance of working within the confines of a professional kitchen. School can be a very rewarding and useful experience, while on-the-job training is a necessary aspect of learning the trade, as well. Many students will complete an internship while still enrolled in school to gain that experience and...
Time to keep it professional, please! Either contribute in a constructive and RESPECTFUL manner or move on.
I had the very good fortune to talk with Jacques Pepin a few years' ago. We got on the topic of home cooking and he said, as I'll never forget, "The cooking shows are more popular than ever! Yet, nobody cooks!"  I think there is no arguing convenience is merely part of our every day lives. It is what we have created, good, bad or otherwise.
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