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Happy to assist, @Chef Basil. I hope it helps. Please keep us posted!
Old thread, but maybe worth revisiting. @chefmike1962 brings up concerns about the HALO system. Are there others that are particularly helpful/functional? The tablet platform seems to be sweeping the market. Any insight?
Only knowing about an exam I took many moons ago for Sodexho.. Sodexo... Sodexho-Marriott... Marriott... whatever it was called back then, is what I can offer. I specifically remember questions about portion cost (eg. how much per portion if turkey is $2.47/# and portion is 6oz, etc) and cooking loss (eg. need to feed 88 people a 5oz portion of roast beef top round, at 25% cooking loss. How much do you need to buy?) I also remember ServSafe-esque questions. If I were to...
Easy there, @Faeriena! No need for personal attacks. You are new here; perhaps a little time seeing how we productively (and constructively) offer insight. You response is not so clearly articulated, either. Take it easy.
@bluedogz said it! It make take a few requests, but offer to do grunt work and stay out of the way. Once you get in, keep quiet, eyes open, head up. Good luck and keep us posted!
Before I answer, a quick disclaimer: I am employed by Gordon Food Service, so my insight comes from that experience.   Gordon has NextGen ordering. It is a web-based platform that integrates a visually driven ordering system that folds into an inventory manager. As prices change, the inventory is adjusted. Further, there is a recipe collection that allows you to add your own recipes or use the existing the pieces. Those, too, will update with pricing.   Ok, so that's...
That's a tough piece to diagnose online. Are his arms at an uncomfortable/unnatural angle approaching the board? Knife too big? Perhaps the cutting board is too far away or, conversely, too close and he is 'hovering'? Perhaps, there just isn't muscle memory (translation: enough practice.) Maybe a few sessions of model-observe-check for accuracy-model-repeat are in order using some cheap potatoes? Hope this helps.
Great topic!   I remember going to my first Earth Day celebration and listening to somebody talk about recycling. What struck my 15-year old self as odd, was that he spoke down about recycling. You see, recycling is the last in the environmental conscientiousness phase. What comes first is reduce then reuse and, ultimately, recycle. That has stayed with me. And it carries into the kitchen.   The efficiency that the article points to, in one example, is broccoli stems...
"Michael Scelfo Publicly Lays the Smackdown on Entitled Alden & Harlow Non-Customers"... taking on yelp!
 There! Right there! You said it. Now.... go! 
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