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Hey, @jeffl. Welcome to ChefTalk. Be sure to stop over at the Welcome Forum and tell us a little about your experience and what you are doing now. There are some great resources here that you should find helpful. Again, welcome! 
Mario Batali/Joe Bastianch use the "we'll take it off, but won't add anything" policy. Seems fairly agreeable to me. I have also seen "substitutions respectfully declined" printed on higher-end menus.   The Pandora's box you are opening, however, is that some guests will simply not patronize your establishment if they can't get what they want. As operators, we know that mods can disrupt the flow of the line. We also know that the menu was created to offer the best we can...
Welcome, @Enquerencia! Glad you found us. There are a lot of great resources here.    Sound like you definitely have a mission in front of you. It is a challenge to leave a comfort zone, but is necessary when the time is right. You my want to network with some of the chefs and cooks here to perhaps open up some opportunities for you.   Keep us posted!
Used a little countertop model for smaller items/desserts. Worked great for made-to-order donuts on the pastry station. Keep in mind your intended usage; beignets then fish & chips... flavors will definitely cross unless you are swapping out oil. Also, 1-gallon capacity for oil isn't going to allow for snappy turn around in higher volume.
 Some Yelp levity
To add a wrinkle... this article just broke on Restaurant News: Yelp suing a company over selling positive reviews. To paraphrase  Yes, @AllanMcPherson, I agree: "That said, I love the OP ' S media strategy of interacting with commenters of all opinions. That is really smart and sends the signal that you want in gage with all of guests, not just jump in for damage control. Very smart." If you only respond to negative feedback, you look defensive at best, sloppy at worst....
 Absolutely agree! Reputation management is but one more hat for operators to wear. Social media lends a very public voice to the otherwise unheard. Managing that voice and interacting with it is a role that must be taken seriously. A lot of people turn to the feedback on OpenTable, Yelp!, Trip Advisor, etc.
You're very welcome. Glad I could offer some assistance.
Great approach! To have somebody handle that possible headache is a smooth move. When I read the reviews, I usually want to jump through my computer screen and strangle the snot out of the author. Usually, when a dining experience is pleasant, there isn't much said. But, allow a water glass to fall under half-full and... let loose the dogs of restaurant warfare!   The usual argument for/against social media: the veil of anonymity combined with the empowerment meshes with...
New Posts  All Forums: