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You're very welcome. Glad I could offer some assistance.
Great approach! To have somebody handle that possible headache is a smooth move. When I read the reviews, I usually want to jump through my computer screen and strangle the snot out of the author. Usually, when a dining experience is pleasant, there isn't much said. But, allow a water glass to fall under half-full and... let loose the dogs of restaurant warfare!   The usual argument for/against social media: the veil of anonymity combined with the empowerment meshes with...
Water that is too hot will render Quat Amonium, iodine and chlorine sanitizers less effective. The recommended range is 55-120F. Hope this helps!
I had the opportunity to freelance a piece for The Braiser about chefs that are star-worthy but not quite celebrities (including a Chef Talk icon! Can you spot him?) Any you would add to the list?   http://www.thebraiser.com/the-best-chefs-in-america-youve-never-heard-of/#1  
@foodpump beat me to it!  Here's what you are looking for:
Had the absolute pleasure to review the "Rocco" knife roll from Savage Supply Co. I think the review fits nicely into this thread:    
Food Republic Lucky Peach, either online or in print. The print edition is amazingly well produced! The Braiser First We Feast
Back in July, I posted a little piece  about a guy that joined my crew. Since then, I have received several emails and private messages about the article and my buddy Jim. As an update, and to keep the good mojo flowing that surrounds this great guy, I wanted to add an update. Late Tuesday evening, Jim suffered a debilitating stroke. Without getting into many details, he survived the assault on his brain but remains hospitalized. While in pleasant spirits and joking with...
I have used oatmeal (as noted above) and a combination of black beans (with cooking liquid) and brown rice.
Haven't seen it mentioned above, so here goes... a lot of pizza places will not cook their sauces. Rather, the sauce is assembled 'raw' and the pizza oven cooks the sauce. Why? The aromatics are released under the high temp of the pizza oven, captured in the crust and cheese. Good, quality canned tomatoes (Alta Cucina, 7/11, Stanislaus) are often blended (a la immersion blender) with herbs, oil, sugar, etc. and then stored for usage. Seen it several times across multiple...
New Posts  All Forums: