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You're very welcome. Glad I could offer some assistance.
Great approach! To have somebody handle that possible headache is a smooth move. When I read the reviews, I usually want to jump through my computer screen and strangle the snot out of the author. Usually, when a dining experience is pleasant, there isn't much said. But, allow a water glass to fall under half-full and... let loose the dogs of restaurant warfare!   The usual argument for/against social media: the veil of anonymity combined with the empowerment meshes with...
Water that is too hot will render Quat Amonium, iodine and chlorine sanitizers less effective. The recommended range is 55-120F. Hope this helps!
I had the opportunity to freelance a piece for The Braiser about chefs that are star-worthy but not quite celebrities (including a Chef Talk icon! Can you spot him?) Any you would add to the list?  
@foodpump beat me to it!  Here's what you are looking for:
Had the absolute pleasure to review the "Rocco" knife roll from Savage Supply Co. I think the review fits nicely into this thread:    
Food Republic Lucky Peach, either online or in print. The print edition is amazingly well produced! The Braiser First We Feast
Back in July, I posted a little piece  about a guy that joined my crew. Since then, I have received several emails and private messages about the article and my buddy Jim. As an update, and to keep the good mojo flowing that surrounds this great guy, I wanted to add an update. Late Tuesday evening, Jim suffered a debilitating stroke. Without getting into many details, he survived the assault on his brain but remains hospitalized. While in pleasant spirits and joking with...
I have used oatmeal (as noted above) and a combination of black beans (with cooking liquid) and brown rice.
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