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It's ServSafe, a program of universal, practical food safety for members of industry. It is, basically, a common core of principles of safe food handling that operators and their employees are held to ensure minimal risk for food-borne illness for customers. The National Restaurant Association developed ServSafe back in 1993-ish to get operators on the same page and to get some food safety basics out there. The program has evolved into the benchmark for safe food handling...
I am all for a rugged, easily-cleaned, hard to steal tool box. It takes a beating, is stashed easily, passed through the dish machine and identifiable if it goes walking. Although, I am most envious of that roll @chef bruce pictured above. Nice! Classic and looks great!
I always thought that was called a Kitchen Tattoo?! Badge of honor, brother. Wear it like a purple heart. And don't do it again.
@flipflopgirl - glad you found the link useful! Other than ChefTalk, Food Republic is a go-to for my daily browsing.
Just today, Food Republic dropped a piece about the mutiny involving wearing chef coats. While not an apron, the coat is another moniker of the cook. For or against, much like the waist apron, it is preference and a practice of form and function. The Food Republic piece is here: http://www.foodrepublic.com/2015/01/05/why-chef-coats-suck-story-fake-professionalism-and
700 on the books for a buffet/all-inclusive. Went well, very few hiccups. Of course, a few customers took a little bit of the open-bar theme too much to heart... gotta relish those once-a-year revelers that don't know how to behave. Kitchen operations went smoothly, thankfully. One of the displays for the buffet; vegetables, cheese, etc.
Hi there, @theculinarykid! It comes down to doing what you like. I like the bistro apron. It looks good for me. It may not look or feel good for somebody else. That's why there are more flavors than vanilla. I am a tall guy (like @Grande) and just feel more comfortable in a bistro apron. Just my preference. Bib aprons tend to run the 'miniskirt' route and look a little silly on me.   I had the opportunity to meet and interview the founder of Tilit Chef Goods a few months...
Using the ideas everybody offered above and talking with others, I put together an article for Chef Life Magazine. Here is the article (reprinted from http://cheflifemagazine.squarespace.com/jim-berman-blog/):   Gages and a tattoo of “chef” across the knuckles or tight-cropped, Marine-style haircut and a metal-banded wristwatch? Classic white, ten-button chef coat, black pants or bowling-alley shirt, Chuck Taylor high tops and jeans?  A pastel pullover or True Cooks...
Exactly what @ChicagoTerry said! Oil causes havoc on the cell structure of the greens. Allowing the oil to beat up on the kale for a day makes for a much more tender salad. 
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