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Have you seen this? Some great/fun skin art. Wherever you fall on the ink/no ink discussion, there are some nice pieces out there.  
@Chefross - exactly my point! Can you fault this particular chef for what he serves? There may be a million reasons why he is serving it this way (budget issues, skill of kitchen, etc) but if the place is busy and is profitable, does that make him less of a cook? Would I be happy with that type of preparation? No. But, if the public is buying it (hence, Olive Garden on a 2-hour wait!) does that make it ok?   Thank you for sharing that!!   @AllanMcPherson - you aren't...
@AllanMcPherson really boiled it down. Do you compare yourself to others in the arena? I don't mean for the sake of business. I mean for the sake of pride/crazed bravado. Do you see what others are doing and it pushes you to do more or be reflective on what you do?
For whom do we cook? Seriously. I am asking the question and I want somebody to tell me. Who are you cooking for? Is it for your own sense of satisfaction and pride? Or is it to make money? Or... for the respect of the other members of our ego-inflated industry?   I run the kitchen of 20-person crew, doing 400+ covers on a Friday night. Our food is pretty good. Are there short-cut items? Yes, of course. And don't judge me for that. If there weren't some convenience...
Anybody making the trek to the USFoods show in AC next week? Any particular aspects you look for at a food show?
For those with food ink, the good folks over at Poached are giving away Eat Ink for the most creative tattoos. The details are here: http://poachedjobs.com/2014/03/eat-ink/       http://www.cheftalk.com/products/eat-ink-recipes-stories-tattoos/reviews/4233
This is age-old debate/conversation will continue. There is, in fact, an American Culinary Federation (ACF) chef's apprenticeship program that designates, following an exam, a certification. That certification is only had by membership in the ACF which, for many, belonging to that group is debatable in itself. Not sure if this sheds any light or not.   I am not so sure that it matters, in the end. Be a cook. Be a chef. Be a hack. It doesn't matter. If you are good at...
Ahahah! I appreciate the sentiment! Definitely has been a ride... not so sure about sitting back. It has been a reeeeally anxiety-riddled time. I appreciate the good thought!! :)
After 11 years of being a chef instructor in a public high school, I hit the wall. At the height of the success of my program, it just came a time to shed the classroom environment, the school shenanigans and embrace the fire of the kitchen. So I did it. At the end of the first semester of the school year, I tendered my resignation. I guess I wasn't mentally prepared to make the change and really went through a dark spot as I searched for meaning and a new direction. Alas,...
@Brandon ODell said it well! Keep ahead of the rush and stay well stocked. All I would is... take a breath. Keep your head on and take a beat every once in a while. A quick collection of your thoughts/tickets/plates is well worth a second or two of your time. Keep at it!
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