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For those with food ink, the good folks over at Poached are giving away Eat Ink for the most creative tattoos. The details are here: http://poachedjobs.com/2014/03/eat-ink/       http://www.cheftalk.com/products/eat-ink-recipes-stories-tattoos/reviews/4233
This is age-old debate/conversation will continue. There is, in fact, an American Culinary Federation (ACF) chef's apprenticeship program that designates, following an exam, a certification. That certification is only had by membership in the ACF which, for many, belonging to that group is debatable in itself. Not sure if this sheds any light or not.   I am not so sure that it matters, in the end. Be a cook. Be a chef. Be a hack. It doesn't matter. If you are good at...
Ahahah! I appreciate the sentiment! Definitely has been a ride... not so sure about sitting back. It has been a reeeeally anxiety-riddled time. I appreciate the good thought!! :)
After 11 years of being a chef instructor in a public high school, I hit the wall. At the height of the success of my program, it just came a time to shed the classroom environment, the school shenanigans and embrace the fire of the kitchen. So I did it. At the end of the first semester of the school year, I tendered my resignation. I guess I wasn't mentally prepared to make the change and really went through a dark spot as I searched for meaning and a new direction. Alas,...
@Brandon ODell said it well! Keep ahead of the rush and stay well stocked. All I would is... take a breath. Keep your head on and take a beat every once in a while. A quick collection of your thoughts/tickets/plates is well worth a second or two of your time. Keep at it!
I just ended my run as a chef-instuctor in a high school after 11 years. Any insight I can share, please ask.
Network with your salespeople/vendors... The USFoods/Sysco guys always have a pulse on what places need kitchen staff as well as when somebody becomes available.
The chef debate is as old as... well... cooking in a kitchen. There have been many iterations on ChefTalk over the years. Just came across a fabulous that sheds a lot of light on the topic; it doesn't answer the question, nor does it take sides. Alas, it is good reading. Check out http://madfeed.co/post/76327285572/paris-cooks-chefs-mad-alexander-lobrano when you get a quiet moment to absorb.
^^ what @kaneohegirlinaz said! I write a few of those pieces and am always trying to get some readers. Welcome to ChefTalk, @triddick1!
I am willing to part with my copy if anybody is interested. Drop me a PM and I will send it your way.
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