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When I add a picture to an article, is there a functional way to have the text wrap the article or at least share the white-space, rather than have gaps next to the pictures?   Thanks! -Jim
Initiative, initiative, initiative! The glass is always half full Eyes open, mouth shut Find something you enjoy, everyday Never stop learning Value risk-taking Don't be wreckless
Have you considered using Arborio rice?
Becky! Glad you joined ChefTalk!! There are some really great people here with a world of experience. Hope all is going well @ school. See you when you come back!!
Probably not what you want to hear, but work through it. A hat? A soft-drink? A bad attitude? Sounds like these aren't even issues, rather little bumps in the road... if that! You said you have passion and understand what it means to work your way up. So do that! Keep your energy alive by focusing on you. Keep working and working and working and working. Better days will come and the view will change.   Until then, chin up!
Hey, Rob! You are already one step ahead of me... I was going to suggest 'home work' practice on potatoes to get some muscle memory going. Good luck with your new adventure!
Cape... Hope your day is wonderful!!!!
Not a lighting thing per se, but a fish eye lens does wonders for getting food/macro shots.
Rock on! Keep on going!! And might I add... in addition to creating new dishes... be sure to try to replicate the classics to really nail down the techniques. And don't forget to read, read, read!   Keep going!
Iceman, I agree with you 100%... the door can be opened with that diploma/assistance from school. I think that is a HUGE selling point that I explain to my students when considering school. I also agree with you, that once you get in the door, it is on you to prove your worth. Some of those opportunities may not have existed had you not completed school and had that 'key' to get into good operations. And, ultimately, it comes down to what you can do once you get behind...
New Posts  All Forums: