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I would gladly assist, however, I need more parameters. For instance, what age group are you talking about? What is the time frame for the classes? What is the target audience? Just provide some more details and we can get some info to you.
Dave Matthews Band just released a live album from a stop on this year's Caravan. The show is from night 3 in Atlantic City at Bader Field. I was there! I have never been 'part' of a live album, so the new release has been in heavy rotation on my iTunes. Fantastic musicians!! Hoping for a full-on tour this summer... I'm going to play a gypsy and follow them around North America.
I have found that some employers will not hire a student with no practical experience. Additionally. some employers insist on a degree. I think it is a matter of finding the right fit. From there, a track record of work experience with a footing in formal education should prove to serve you well.
Let me try to answer your question in the Socratic method, by turning your question back on you. You asked: Does it even matter in the long run?   So, let me ask you: Does it even matter TO YOU in the long run?   And therein lies your answer. Right?
Welcome to ChefTalk! I think, as you root around this site, you will find many passionate opinions about specific schools and even school itself. That said, gather everything you can about particular venues. Specifically, talk with grads, current students, make visits, do some internet research (keeping in mind the ability for anybody to say anything they way) and then make an informed decision. As you said, it is a costly investment (or mistake!) so make a wise...
Let's keep this discussion in the realm of education and in the spirit of the initial inquiry. And STOP the one on one attacks. NOW!
This is a really good thread that I am sharing with several high school students. While some arguments are more eloquent than others, I think the point of contention is the same. Entering this field can start by opening one of many doors. There is no 'one size fits all' answer and, quite honestly, there shouldn't be. What works best for one individual may not work for another. Hence, we all have choices to make. We do the best we can to make the right decision based on...
Thank you for the response. I was beginning to think I was blacklisted or something.   I have noticed the affect from justification; I was hoping to eliminate some of the white space that creates gaps throughout the article.   Thanks, again!
Are the folks from Huddler still monitoring the boards? This forum? I am preparing another article and would like to be to improve the photo placement.
I have long been a fan of Melanie Dunea's My Last Supper and am elated that she is offering up a second helping. Any other fans out there?
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