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Hey, Rob! You are already one step ahead of me... I was going to suggest 'home work' practice on potatoes to get some muscle memory going. Good luck with your new adventure!
Cape... Hope your day is wonderful!!!!
Not a lighting thing per se, but a fish eye lens does wonders for getting food/macro shots.
Rock on! Keep on going!! And might I add... in addition to creating new dishes... be sure to try to replicate the classics to really nail down the techniques. And don't forget to read, read, read!   Keep going!
Iceman, I agree with you 100%... the door can be opened with that diploma/assistance from school. I think that is a HUGE selling point that I explain to my students when considering school. I also agree with you, that once you get in the door, it is on you to prove your worth. Some of those opportunities may not have existed had you not completed school and had that 'key' to get into good operations. And, ultimately, it comes down to what you can do once you get behind...
    Wow! You said a mouthful there! So many students (not just culinary!) expect to see it and know it! That almost never works. Any technique, from changing oil in one's car to preparing an omelet must be done over and over and over until it is at least acceptable. But, that comes to self-discipline. And let's not go down that path.... that's a whole other ball of yarn.    Author Malcolm Gladwell in The Outliers makes a spectacular case for spending 10,000 hours in our...
Jelly, you are very welcome! I am so glad you liked the posts. Keeping that blog 'alive' allows me (and even some of the students that made the trip) to relive every now and then. I miss that place as if it were a comfortable home. Going back in July of next year!! 
I am in the budgeting/fund raising stages of my students' next trip... and a word of caution: the Euro is very strong right now against the dollar. Be sure to keep that in consideration. 
You are in for quite an adventure! I made my first trip last year with a group of students. It was spectacular, to say the least. Here is a link to our online journal that we created daily from there: http://cookinginitaly2010.blogspot.com/ It is full of observations, experiences, adventures and intrigue! Feel free to contact me if you want specifics.    
My dad used to say: What do you call the guy that graduated last in medical school?   Doctor!      
New Posts  All Forums: