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I haven't seen one of those in years.. maybe a little bit
  More indicative of the fact that the schools tend to misinform students of what awaits them after graduation.
Well I'm the Exec now. Still get Friday and Saturday off....well once I replace myself. and get the crew up to speed. Been busy short staffed and still got the job to do.. you know how that is.
Ummm three deployments to combats zones.  The benefits are actually better, more time off,  Yeah I'm down about $10K a year for now, but I'll make Exec with this company when I'm ready to. I just need to learn the system and get comfortable dealing with civilians again. Uhh did I say three deployments?
When I used to do Sushi I get the you can't do that you're not Asian...Note they never said "Japanese" Food is about mastering a skill base not about who you are ethnically. My food speaks for itself.
Landed a nice job, pay kinda sucks but with Fridays and Saturdays off... Meh... I can live with it. Now it's time to see how hard it is to get out of army sgt mode. I told chef the kitchen is his but I plan on doing everything I can to relieve him of the excess BS so he can do his thing with management and what not. I'm looking forward to the new challenge. A new menu. Scratch cooking everything for a change.... This is gonna be fun.   And I know you are asking...
What Pete said    
They get two years off until the next scheduled deployment but I'll be out of the Army come July 16th
We'll see how that goes real soon
While I'd rather have a OB or Sapporo I'd have to agree with a nice Gewurztraminer as well.
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