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It is my understanding that Sassafras is banned by the FDA for use as food additive and many sources including support this. was surprised to find "Sassafras" listed as ingredients in Hansen's Creamy Root Beer right on the label. Does anyone know??
I've been using the smallest GR10ABWI George Foreman grill and it works pretty good with thin patties. I bought a larger one Temp to Taste? Grill by George Foreman because I wanted more area. Now, the new one won't clamp down as closely and won't even touch the top of thinner patties like the frozen ready to cook type. Is there a larger area GF model that can handle thin patties like the GR10?
I see this happening with shrimps too.
It's not a dehydrator. It's an evaporator coil, which is what cools the air and as the air is cooled, humidity is condensed. I suspect American type single compressor refrigerators suffer more than dual comporessor type as the cold air comes from freezer where absolute humidity remains the same, but relative humidity becomes lower once the cold air reaches referigerator compartment. Refrigerator humidity doesn't matter if the food is properly contained though. for...
Everything lasts longer in a manual defrost freezer with chest type having a more favorable efficiency and temperature holding, but pose accessibility and space usage problems. Temperature swing in auto-defrost freezers increase crystal growth. I have a 5ft^3 China made cheapo chest freezer from Home Depot and it holds -10F fine.
Get moisture added pre-cut frozen boneless skinless chicken. Plug in your George Foreman, and let it start defrosting. By the time defrosting is done, your GF is ready. Move it over and cook 6-8 minutes. Since you'll have to microwave refrigerated chicken anyways, going from frozen to cooked doesn't add much more than 10 minutes. Too much labor.
If they're open, then oxidation would have affected their smell and flavor.
Fish flesh decompose so quickly that unless you can eat it immediately after being caught(exception than norm) it's better to have them frozen on-vessel and buy it frozen anyways. Dead fish and crustaceans don't store well unless deep frozen immediately. Raw fish may give a sense of freshness, but they're often LESS fresh. I've never figured out why some stores sell thawed fish that reads "previously frozen". They basically just ruined it by defrosting it. ...
I just picked it up at a local farmers' market the other day in frozen form. It cost like $10, so I don't want to mess it up. I just put it in the fridge to start defrosting, but I don't know how to cook it to make the best of it. I don't have access to a grill, but do have access to microwave, regular oven, pans and a George Foreman grill. Also, what should I put on it?
For serving or marinading? I find the marinade type to be a lot thinner, and saltier and some very close to plain soy sauce.
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