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Hi all,   I attempted to make a turkish delight following a recipe for which the final step is set the turkish delight in a fridge inside a clingfilm lined dish. The recipe was from Marcus Wareing's Nutmeg and Custard and involves about 550g of sugar and 15 minutes of simmering before adding gelatine.   The problem is that I cannot remove the turkish delight from the cling film as it is too sticky. Is the problem that I have made what is essentially a rose...
[QUOTE=ChefRAZ;258956]In my shop we use mixed berries, lemon cake for the biscuits , and flavor the cheese mixture with Grand Marnier. That does look absolutely splendid.
A layered mascarpone dessert, that is interesting. I could flavour the cream cheese with some citrus zest, probably lemon. Would it be so bad to soak some ladyfingers in a limoncello based mixture? Pure limoncello would be too strong, but what to mix it with? It could be a lemon based take on the conventional tiramisu.
Hi all, one of my favourite desserts is Tiramisu. I have a good recipe already simply involving a vanilla mascapone based custard layer, followed by coffee soaked savoardi biscuits, followed by a second layer of the custard and topped with chocolate powder. However, I would like to improve this. Are there any herbs or spices that could bring it to life? I was thinking possibly mixing some ground cardamom into the custard or some nutmeg into the coffee liquor. I have...
The curry was simmered down slowly and then left to sit before serving, the consistency actually tended to perfection, if you dont mind me saying so. It tasted wonderful and my friends agreed. Thanks for the advice. It will come in useful in future as well
First time post, I cooked a Beef Madras last night following a traditional recipe which I have used on a few occasions to great success - however, on this occassion, due to not being used to the cooker I was using I actually managed to turn a simmer into a full-scale boil and ended up with rather a large amount of water. This has rendered the curry effectively a soup. It tastes wonderful but the consistency is all wrong due to the amount of water involved. What is the...
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