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yes; concerning egg   blackdog's theory that 5 grams of anything = 5 ml is off the wall.   Sincerely, Educated Cretin
Michael - they do in fact make a scales which have "look up" codes to convert weight to volume by built in "density" factors. they may be accurate in weighing things, they are not nearly accurate most of the time in the density factors - as blackdog has conclusively proven.   I've also seen scales that will 'convert' weight to calories.... you put in a dollop of gravy comma brown and it'll tell you how many calories it contains. there is of course and as we all know,...
be nice and friendly?   telling people how cheeky they are and insisting they learned nothing in school is nice and friendly?   especially considering you are dead wrong and you did not learn that in school.   and you are absolutely dead wrong in your assertions that everything liquid weighs the same per volume. and there are so many resources on the Internet that prove you dead wrong I'm not even going to start.   >>and where do you cook?  Don't worry about that....
blackdog you are quite incorrect.   how much does 15 ml of honey weigh?   a liter of milk a liter of cream (multiple varieties) a liter of water a liter of alcohol   - all liquids, by the way -   do not weigh the same.     and where do you cook?    (I'd like to avoid it.)
>>everybody is   no.  I'm not.  the reps are untruthful. the reps use hyperbole to the extreme. the reps actually don't know anything other than what they learned in their seminars. which is all happy horse pucky. you can't get rid of them.   Cutco makes KMart quality knives and sells them for hundreds, or more.   cheap steel. cheap handles. terrible fit and finish.   their warranty is absolutely nothing to get excited about. "free sharpening" is not free,...
>>fpm or rpm, belt or wheel, axle speed in comparison to wheel size, stones or vices .. all factors and ways to make an angle.   care to rethink that?  geometry is not your friend is this issue.
a ten mile diameter pulley running at 3200 rpm is something different.   perhaps one should think in belt speed / fpm / etc?
when flour is freshly milled, its color is not "pure white" - to make it more visually appealing flour can be "artificially bleached" - although stored under proper conditions for sufficient time, flour will naturally bleach itself.   to make it bleach faster, chemicals are used.  one popular approach is "bromated" flour - which for example - has been banned in many European countries as bromine is thought to be cancer...
well, good luck with that.
yup.  that'll work.   the sausage will need to be held at 250-275'F for 20 minutes or so to 'finish' the cook.
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