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Everyone thanks for the suggestions. We went there and did find some good restaurants. We ate on the Fox River at Fratello's and it was good. They have a microbrewery--also good. One place we were impressed with was Kodiac Jacks. Good food and great place to look at all the taxidermy lining the walls! Bar was especially beautiful with natural wood and all. Also Red Robins. We heard that indeed the Roxy is good, but we didn't get to go there. We went to the Union...
My husband and I are going to Oshkosh Wisconsin in June for a vacation. I am interested in some really good (not necessarily expensive) restaurants.:lips: My husband is a big meat eater and I like Italian/seafood. Are there any suggestions?:roll:
I am looking for some advice on making Clam Chowder. I like my recipe, but have had trouble with the clams being tough. I am using canned clams either minced or chopped, and use to put them in at the beginning of the soup, then read that it makes them tougher. So I drain the stock and add them last. Well it didn't help. I don't really have access to fresh clams,(though I admit I haven't looked for anything frozen) since I am smack in the midwest. Would anyone have...
thanks I'll try that!!
Well, most likely they are. I actually have not tried them ahead of time:blush: but I will next time. Doesn't using them as a garnish defeat the purpose of "Clam chowder"? I see the reasoning, but I want them IN it. Is there no solution to this problem? I apprreaciate the suggestions Is there anything else I could do?:o
I am using canned. I am in the midwest and don't have a fresh seafood shop readily availible. I have tried the minced thinking that smaller would be better, but no luck.
I really love Clam Chowder. When I make it I have tried putting the chopped/ or minced clams in first and cooking it along with everything and the clams are tough. I have tried adding them last and the clams are tough. What the heck am I doing wrong? I go to Red Lobster and the clams are tender. Help me understand what I should do to get tender clams. Cinabun
DOES Rice flour work as well as regualr wheat flour? I also have a friend coming for Thanksgiving that does not eat Wheat Based products. I want to make an Apple Crisp and am wondering if the Rice Flour will work as well and in general can you subsitute cup for cup and does it act the same way? Cinabun
When we remodeled our kitchen, my first thought was for a double oven. It turned out that there wasn't a place for that, so I looked into the combinaton to install above my new gas range. It works very well and is not complicated to operate. I have had it two years now and use it for that extra casserole and cake while the other oven is engaged. I think it is a great device!:roll: Cinabun
That's true suzanne, I do figure it out, I just wondered if there were 'standard' labels. Thanks guys!
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