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I use regular kitchen scissors for cutting homemade pizza into slices. (After seeing the servers at a dim sum restaurant using scissors to cut broccoli, I am getting more adventurous in using the kitchen scissors to cut food...)
Thank you so much for the welcome! I am looking forward to getting inspired to cook beyond my current, very limited capabilities.
Over this weekend, I bought what I thought was my "last" gas range, in the hopes that this one will last more than my previous fussy one that needed constant resetting and repair. Today I used the "convection roasting" feature of my brand new Bosch convection gas range (Model HGS7152UC) for the very first time today. The front of the range, above the oven door where the cooktop control knobs are, got extremely hot after 15 minutes. The material is stainless steel at...
I am very happy to have happened upon this site. Looking forward to continually learning! callie
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