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I went to the local wonderful bakery, and asked if I could buy some of their starter. Legend has it that is has been around for over 50 years!! It worked out great.
I want to walk away, with a skill I did not have or know before I read the book. Very simple
She is a good looking woman, who cooks with grace and charm. In an age where sexy can get raunchy, she has my respct. She is proud to be a Mom!!! I admire her a great deal. :lips:
Baking is a science and an EXACT dicipline. Cake decorating is an art.
FCI has changed so much, since my day. I recently ate at L'ecole (the restaurant at FCI). Back in the day, the food was prepared by the students, and the front of the house service was conducted, by the students. I engaged in a conversation with the waiter (thinking he was a student) and he told me that most of the restaurants operations are by professionals. No more hands-on training. Very sad.
I love Nigella. I wish she was on Food Network more often. She is very soothing, to watch. :)
Yikes!!! On your wedding day the last thing anyone should ever do is to divert any attention from your joyous day!! I agree it was tacky, rude and unacceptable. I would request compensation, or I would write a letter to the local newspaper, warning potential brides and grooms as to this policy. Hope your wedding was spectacular, this aside. :)
It looks awesome!!! I am not even a big cake fan. But, yum!!! :lips:
A consomme is made clear by creating a raft of chopped meat, to suck up any of the cloudiness.
Go for a subscription of both Gourmet & Bon Appetit. By subscribing you will save about 50% vs. buying single issues any retailer.
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