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I've kept them in the fridge for extended periods. Like others here I'd say they are pretty much indestructible as long as they are in alcohol.
 THIS! No reason not to pick up a used one. They are built like a tank.
Boardsmith was sold so that product seems to have changed to some degree. I'd say 2" thick minimum for end grain. I've have had multiple 3" thick Boos board split but hey they are easy to get and easy to return if you buy from a vendor with a good return policy. Overstock used to carry MMB boards from time to time at a great price.
Glad to hear you found what you are looking for but it does sound like caution (and moderation) are the order of the day. Have a great vacation!!   Dave
That 's a smashing good job Chef Petals! I thought of you the other day when the Fl was in Montreal!
I would not use the Rogue River on steak or as an ingredient. Cheese tray only for that one unless it was the star on a Canape. Heads up...The Rogue River is expensive per # !   WF usually sells small pieces so you can sample for under $10. If they don't have it out ask if there is some one at the cheese counter. Fairly often here they have a wheel in the cooler that just hasn't been cut. The Maytag blue is great for dressings, steak etc and also stands well on its own....
If you are shopping at Whole Foods Maytag blue is what I use and consider my "standard". The quality is fantastic. It's not nearly as cost effective as the precrumbled tub cheese but it's reasonably priced. If you want a real treat try the Rogue river blue wrapped in grape leaves that have been soaked in macerated pear brandy.
If you are looking for a good deal on a grinder keep your eye on the Baratza web site. They sell refurbs which can be a bargain. The inventory does change fast!
Generally speaking the lighter the roast the higher the caffeine content.  Just about every coffee type and variety grown gets sorted after the Cherries are washed. A good example is Kona. You will typically find the estate coffees and Peaberry is a Medium roast and the most expensive. These also usually have the highest caffeine. As the beans get smaller in the sort you will start to see full city to dark roasts. Basically as the size of the beans degrade the roast...
  I think the whole bamboo thing is slightly over blown. Like others here I prefer hardwood as well, preferably end grain, but I own and use both end and edge grain Maple. I did spend about a year experimenting with bamboo. If you own bamboo and are happy with it, continue to use it until you advance your skills as a sharpener. I'd rather use bamboo than some of the materials we were forced to use in commercial kitchens for years. For your first knife I'd be leaning...
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