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"From France they say mauviel France, the pots I've purchased recently say Mauviel 1830"   I've several Mauviel 2.5mm purchased in the last year and I have the same variation in stamps. Same series of 2.5mm. The Mauviel stamp can change font as well.
"I've been collecting the Mauviel 2.5MM copper pots on my trips to France over the last few years"   Mauviel has changed their stamps a number of times. However 2.5mm SS lined is still 2.5mm SS lined irrespective of the stamp. Since you mentioned that you have been buying in France you might want to double check the thickness. IIR many of the Mauviel Cuprinox sold there are 2mm, not 2.5mm. The only difference between Mauviel series of Copper with SS linings other than...
Another +1 to what Mano said.
"I kind of understand that the block won't be as easy to clean as a regular cutting board, as it cannot be moved into the sink. But I don't know exactly how much cleaning work will be involved."   There's no more cleaning or maintenance involved than with any other end grain board. Sanitize after use and buy or make some board wax/butter to keep it maintained. As you already noted the only real difference is you can't put it in the sink which really isn't the best way to...
I have no idea what the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is up with all the necro-bumping but since Chizberger is from the Phillipines I sincerely hope that Chizburger and family are well.   Dave
They are all mighty sweet but the 16" thick blocks are the ones MMB has been making since like 1880. I'd really love to have room for one at home.
Sounds like a nice menu ChefRoss. My Camp is on the South side of the Straights from you about 25 Miles SE. With this cold snap there will be a lot of happy hunters. It's been a loooong time since I've hunted the Island. How late in the year are you there?   Dave
Welcome to CT Amber. It's hard to give advice about efficiency as every kitchen is different. The best advice I can offer is to always be thinking and planning ahead. Be organized, be clean and keep the menu in perspective. Beyond that I think you are right on track as you are clearly thinking about time and motion.     Dave
If you just started your first position as a working Chef or Chef de Cuisine then I'd understand the questions and say congrats. We all start some place. I guess every ones getting so used to fluffed up titles like Executive Chef that no one even stops to think about exactly what that title means any more.  If you are going to tell people you work in a five star hotel then you should know exactly who rated the property five stars. It's a simple question no matter...
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