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Nice photos Chef! I hope he saved a few pounds for you to indulge. We've been getting fresh Key West Pinks here but there still not going to be as fresh as that catch. Enjoy!
It seems like eons ago that I sold off my Global knives. IIR they were all hollow ground. Kinda funny to think back to that being cutting edge stuff in the early 90's.   Dave
Hellman's, preferably the cage free egg label.
I don't think I've ever seen any restaurant swap out lesser cuts of beef as a SOP. If that happens it's far more likely (IMO) to happen in an independent restaurant and not a chain. Most chains are forced to get product from the franchise which limits quality variation. That's pretty much a core value of any chain. In many cases that product is still stored and delivered by main stream food purveyors like Sysco so product swaps/shortages/errors can happen but should be...
I agree with the others here. Never ever pull a "no show no call". This is not about your employer it's about you as an individual. Find another job and give appropriate notice.  A reputation can follow you for years. It never ceases to amaze me how I can be in the most out of the way place and run into some one I knew 30 + years ago. Most people have a long memory for stuff like this and just about the time you think all is forgotten an event like this can come back up...
Not  unexpected at this price point but it's slightly surprising how uneven the lamination is. I wouldn't worry about this at all though. The DP's get a lot of good press for a reason.
Very sorry to hear this.  RIP Chef.
Don't egg me on.
There is still wild Atlantic Salmon both in Europe and the Bay of Fundy off Quebec's Gaspe Penninsula and a few other small pockets. It's taken a lot of conservation effort to have any remain but there are stocks coming back thanks to groups like the Atlantic Salmon Federation. AFAIK there are no true commercial Atlantic Salmon available however there are wild hybrids like the AK Silver Salmon. There are those who scoff at any genetic modification but surely it is better...
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