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It's a bit sad that the Pro series is now in the Twin line IMO. There was not much difference between the Professional series and the Wusthof classic in years past. The twin series today for the most part is just a knock off of other knives, most of it directly related to Wusthof. Twin cuisine = Wusthof Ikon etc. Poseidon might take exception to a pitchfork. "Drei" or Dreizack is a Trident. You summed up the International line (junk knives) quite well. They can be found...
I'm no longer in Fl and have not been for several years. With your experience and age I would suggest you look at employment opportunities with Disney if this is the area you are looking at. Florida suffers from an incredible number of transients. Many of them young and willing to work in this field for next to nothing. Minimum wage is common. Finding a FT job with insurance can be very tough. WDW is East of Tampa and West of Orlando so right in your target area. A few...
I have a Global gyuto and pairing knife. The handles are really not bad. Having said that I'd be more than happy to sell them. :lol:
In years past Henckels were the equal of Wusthof. What has become of Henckels is just plain sad.
It does seem to be the new buzz word. It seems at least a part of that is marketing to off set the bad press that MSG is getting. Umami has been around a long time but the precise taste receptor was identified by scientists recently. Salt cured and aged products often have more umami. Mushrooms= Umami Dried Mushrooms=More umami
Home Depot of all places has jugs of peanut oil right now.
Sounds very good and is almost identical to what I do save for the Maple syrup which I will try. I often use Grand Marnier as well. :)
That would be a good price if they had inventory. Unfortunately as you peruse their site they are out of a lot of stock and have been for at least a few months. Not many noobs want, let alone need 8k - 12k stones. A single 1,000k Chosera and a flattner would be a better option IMO and less expensive. That's not going to be had for $30 so this may well be a case where a single mounted SS is one of the better options based solely on price. However IMO there is nothing...
When I was still in the hotel business we had one unit that had a group of thives working together. The P&L's were totally put of whack. I had my entire tool box stolen from my office which was locked. Right before world cup soccer we had a reach in cooler emptied one night. As it turned out both the cooks and engineering were in on it.
Ground tenderloin chain seared on a blistering hot grill to MR with grilled onions and steak sauce.
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