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If you are used to a 10" Chef's knife I would stick with a 270 or possibly a 300. I would suggest you chose a petty or a pairing but if there are any budget concerns buy one first then see if you feel that you need the other. I'm in complete agreement with Chris's stone choice choice. The chosera stones up to 5k are affordable and of excellent quality.
You would have to use a lot of citrus to cook or cure the meat on a whole bird. There's nothing wrong with combining a brine and a marinade. I typically use salt, sugar, juniper berries, a chunked apple, fresh sage, thyme and mulling spice. If you can't store your bird in the cooler keep plenty of ice on it, rinse it well when done and factor at least four hours for the bird to air dry in the fridge even after you have patted it down well with paper towels. The advice...
I met my first wife in the kitchen. While we were only together five years the fact that we eventually split had nothing to do with working together. I've dated several waitresses. In retrospect that was probably not the best idea, then again it was a lot of fun. :lol:
There is some truth to that. A Wa gyuto is typically thinner than a standard Gyuto and often has a better fit and finish. Standard Gyutos can have a spine as thick as a German knife depending on the brand. IIR the Masamoto KS WA gyuto is made of white steel and has a very thin tip. A typical gyuto is most often made from CMV60 or a similar stain resistant steel. It is worth noting that ordering traditional knives left handed can add a hefty premium.
Make less sauce and make it every two hours. Debating with a health inspector is futile. The best approach I have found is to call and have them come back when you are there and try to reach a workable solution. Best of luck.
Assuming that the OP is using a gas oven and it works properly the oven temp should never dip below 140 if set at 200. While gas oven temperatures do fluctuate up and down as the oven cycles if it is operating at +/- 60 degrees that would be pretty unusual. If an elcetric oven is used temperature fluctuation should be minimal.
As others have said it's hard to help with out a recipe or knowing what technique was used. What type of flour are you using? Are you spritzing the bread? You may find a baguette pan beneficial.
Ditto what BDL said. Plastic is just more convienient. There is no reason to use active dry yeast for pizza dough like this or no knead breads IMO. I still don't see a traditional dough recipe like this working for Chicago deep dish pie. It's just the wrong texture. Chicago deep dish dough doesn't have much rise to it and it's pretty dense. Next you need to find a recipe for Lou Malnati's sausage.
It's got to be a really tough schedule for sure not to mention the stess. Still, I had expected her to have more drive and ambition. My initial prediction was for her to be in the top four based on talent, not attrition. Then again you never know what's going to happen on the next episode. If I were a gambling man I'd wager that she pulls herself back up by her boot straps. It will be interesting to see what happens with Thomas keller.
Charlie, I'll outline my response in the same format just for brevity sake. 1) Yes. I use both and switch back and forth. I'm sure many others do as well. Once you get used to a single bevel or a knife that is ground 70/30 etc you don't really think much about it. The 70/30 Masahiro bread knife took a bit of getting used to for me but I would not part with my Masamoto KS. 2) I'm not a South paw so take it FWIW. Japanese knives come in two flavors. Those with a...
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