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I call it the way I see it. Fanboyism is what it is. When I see people making statements that are absurd to the point of being laughable involving brands it's usually (IMO) a result of fanboyism. Making wide sweeping statements like a Wustie can not perform as well as any J-knife is just absurd. A statement like that does no one any good and if this is what young impressionable cooks hear it's no surprise that they buy J-knives and think they will perform like a ginsu only...
I don't disagree at all but one has to consider who "they" are. Health inspectors don't have much to do with the FDA. If a restaurant is filthy or not opertaing to HACCP guide lines even the best artisinal products could end up a total a waste. Besides as Chefs most of us are responsible for the choices we make and the procucts we buy. Have you seen the movie Food Inc?
I haven't bought one yet. There is still one more local I am trying to get pricing from. I did find out that the small Globes are made in Italy like most of the other small slicers so I'm not sure it will be worth the extra cost. As far as the dials go I don't think any of them are that accurate. I always set the blade by eye and running a slice Vs the dial. That was the same even on a very old Globe I used to own.
I find that interesting with the number of NYC establishments that seem to get shut down including Les Halles of Anthony Bourdain fame. Instead of just running a clean kitchen or following basic food safety guide lines (or common sense) they just try to function when there are no inspectors? :eek:
I've never seen a GermanX knife chip. Ever. I would venture a guess that's true for the vast majority of Chefs. I have seen them bent and broke from abuse but I've never seen one chip. It may happen but it's going to be exceedingly rare Vs being a fairly common occurrence with j-knives at large. Re-setting an edge is not difficult. When you chip an edge you can not replace metal that is not there. Re-setting a edge may be similar to grinding out micro-chips but that's a...
A chinoise should work just fine and is a lot more cost effective.
The Hobart N50 is a great machine if you have to have a counter top model. If you are shopping this price range and size is not an issue I would look for a used Hobart A200. They have been making a variant of that mixer for like 70 years and you can find them used starting at $1200. One in excellent shape will still be less than a new N50 and it's a lot more mixer.
Apple or Cherry would be my first choice if those are an option. If not then Pecan.
I think the best thing I could say is pick up a piece of the standard AC SS and compare it to the Mauviel. AC is not what it used to be and it's very expensive. You can buy individual pieces of Mauviel at many stores. Your husband won't be dissapointed with Mauviel. ;)
I hot smoke pablanos every season. I clean and freeze them for the winter. At the end of the season I also smoke some tomatos. I smoke brisket and pork for pulled pig the most. I wish I could say I had some great recipe but the BGE does all of the work. I season my meat the day before and smoke at 220. I usually do two 7-8# pork shoulders at a time. I average 22 hours on pork and 20 for brisket. The only "trick" if you could even call it that is I cook pork shoulders fat...
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