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Just contact the socity directly. IIR they have several chapters. Clearly your Chef wants you to use the best tool you have (the mushy one between our ears) and do some research . ;)   Good Luck with the dinner!   Dave
This looks like a double post. Here's a link to the other thread;   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/73256/too-long-in-the-tooth#post_409085
Are you going to the State of Hawaii (what Island?) or the Big Island? I've been to Maui and the BI many times but I've never seen a dedicated knife store ....although I can't say I've ever looked for one. On the Big Island your best bet would be to look in Hilo. If your going to Honolulu you may find a shop but don't expect any savings.   Dave
If you want a pan made in the USA why is it unfortunate if the pan you are asking about is not made in China? Either way I'm not sure I'd put a lot of stock in a response from fleaBay. Way too many unauthorized dealers there selling Chinese knock off's. Besides Calphalon is only a free phone call away. Customer service is nothing like it was in years past but still a much better source than an unknown entity.   Dave
Those breaking knives and scimitars are also the perfect blade (IMO) for breaking down whole salmon in a heartbeat. I'd never be with out one.   Dave
I started to post in that thread but I never finished posting. I was really surprised when I saw the image in my profile. No biggie as long as I can delete it but it did pop up again this am. I must have poltergeists in my account... FWIW I had a post I started recently in another thread that I started but never finished or actually posted. The next day that post was on CT. Must be some glitch.   Thanks for looking at that. Best Regards, Dave
  A waste of $$? Of course not. They are excellent stones. However you really don't need to spend that much and you don't need a three stone set to start. If you want to stay with Naniwa consider buying the 1K chosera and the 5K SS. The 5K Chosera is a pretty expensive stone. The 1k/5K set will take you a very long way and will be all most ever home cooks ever need for a lifetime of sharpening. As a noob you should skip the Kitayama. There's no need to be polishing @8K+...
If you want to but a good end grain Maple board with out breaking the bank check overstock.com  They often have Michigan Maple Block seconds. It will still be more than making your own but a lot less $$$ than many other options.   Dave
  You could be correct as some times products have similar names especially in different regions. The only time I have ever seen Farina it was a cereal product a lot like cream of wheat. The prison system and schools use it here because it's dirt cheap. IIR it's only part of the whole grain. Some other coarse grain might be a viable substitution. In a lot of stores here I often see a brand called "Bob's Red Mill" that produces unusual grains like this. They usually sell...
Why is CT showing an image under my "imbedded images" that I did not post? I've tried to delete the image but I keep getting an flag that says "Your account does not have the required permissions to access this page". I'd appreciate it if images I didn't post were not posted and even more if I had the ability to delete images in my account. Thanks in advance, Dave     On edit; I just expanded the image and then was able to delete it. However I used that same...
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