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The Costco Mahi is a very good product. Not all frozen or IQF fish has STPP. I'd like to say there's no reason to use STPP on any IQF fish because the fish is encased in ice and that already adds plenty of artificial weight. Sadly this is becoming more and more common and the real crusher is that STPP is not required to be listed on the label. I still think it's unlikely that you received treated Mahi. Scallops and frozen "white" fish like cod, flounder, sole or...
  I've always thought TN is a little dyslexic in this regard. They seem quite split between dry rub and vinegar/tomato sauce. Texas OTOH is all about the Meat. +1 on the Corn Cake.   Dave
    I spoke with Mari @ Korin recently and she assured me they can order any current production product Masamoto makes. AFAIK Korin never carried the KS as a standard stock item. Korin will also special order when they are having their bi-annual sale (which should be soon) and give you the sale price. They now price match as well. I'd suggest heading over to KKF and sending Mari in the Korin sub-forum a PM. If/When you want a funayuki you will already know exactly what...
  If your going to be superstitious it's only bad luck to give a knife if the recipient doesn't give a coin to the person giving the knife to them. In some cultures giving a knife is a sign of respect. Setting that aside I've used Dexter's for years and used them for gifts to my cooks many times. They work just fine but the notion they will "out perform" a Masamoto is more than a bit of a stretch.   Dave
I use whole black peppercorns that I crack or lightly crush. Season, Sear, rest.   Dave
The ACF does get involved with competition but after participating for years on a National level and in Chapters in multiple states the I'd say the majority of ACF members never enter a competition for medals. Competition is a very small segment of what the ACF does but an important one.  I agree with Kuan that both CC's and Hotels are dominated by ACF certified staff but Hotels really put the emphasis on that. This shouldn't be much of a surprise as these...
Nothing to worry about at all. I'd use a cast iron pan and skip any oven work on a steak that size. Rib Eyes cook very fast unlike a Tenderloin or Top Sirloin. I usually use Green Peppercorns in sauce. Black Peppercorns are are cracked or crushed work really well on seared steak. Enjoy!   Dave
There's no need to add oil to a Rib Eye if that's what you mean. They have plenty of fat even if cut from the Sirloin end. Searing Peppercorn smells divine. Many moons ago when I worked @ The Brown Derby they did a steak with massive amounts of peppercorn pushed into the surface of the steak. When those hit the broiler...oh my!  Good ventillation is a bonus.   Dave
 You've said you left a four year university but we have no idea if that means you have a degree. If you already have a degree the only reason to go to culinary school would be to learn to cook. Hopefully, most of your basic credits would transfer to what ever school you choose. Verify credit transfers before committing to a program. Any accredited culinary program should finish with ACF certification.  Every one qualifies for certification as long as you join the ACF...
I've never tried this but it was quite popular a few years ago so you should be able to get a lot of ideas if you get your Googlefu on. I've been wanting to toss a Jack in the coals of the BGE the next time I burn it off and try a riff on a Caribbean salad. I would expect that at least visually you should be able get a nice pseudo pulled pig. In the whole vegan vein my personal favorite is mock poke made with roasted beets.   Dave
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