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   Here's a few threads;     http://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/showthread.php/9294-Any-Ultimatum-m390-reports   I like this thread because it touches on an issue this forum (IMO) is really getting bogged down with;   http://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/showthread.php/5481-M390-Steel?highlight=ultimatum   On KKF you may also want to search for the thread where Salty posted his Ultimatum that was tweaked by Mario.   This thread drifts a bit. Not sure if this is the one from...
  If you are a CSC it does! What ever certification program you have in the UK get involved!   Dave       http://www.wacs2000.org/wacs2010/en/education_programs/chefs_certification.php
    I can't imagine .5" making much of a difference, especially at that price.     Dave
    Newfi-Ware?   Dave
  Never, Ever, Never, Ever, Never (repeat 10x, rinse, spit, repeat) work undprotected under your own name. At least form a DBA. It's not overly complicated or expensive and it's a lot simpler (and less $$$) than creating an LLC. Every thing you own and any money you may ever make the rest of your career is at jeopardy if you work under your own name.  It only takes one sick guest for major problems to arise. Remember food-borne illness can arise from products you buy...
 ***IF*** the cost of tuition is not a factor for you the CIA and J&W are huge standouts. If you did a poll I'd venture the majority of Chef's have never even heard of the program you are talking about. It's pretty rare for all your credits from one school to transfer to another. If you think you may want a BA in the future pick up your Associates from the same school if you can.   Dave
I guess it was about two years ago we stayed at the Four Seasons in Chicago. Went to the main dining room for B'fast and prices were exactly what you's expect for a five star hotel in the city. I ordered Corned beef hash expecting it to be house made. Nope. Straight out of a can. They opened the can and pushed it out like dog food. You could still see the rings on the side of the hash from the can, Yes that's right they just sliced it off and plopped it on the...
Just contact the socity directly. IIR they have several chapters. Clearly your Chef wants you to use the best tool you have (the mushy one between our ears) and do some research . ;)   Good Luck with the dinner!   Dave
This looks like a double post. Here's a link to the other thread;   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/73256/too-long-in-the-tooth#post_409085
Are you going to the State of Hawaii (what Island?) or the Big Island? I've been to Maui and the BI many times but I've never seen a dedicated knife store ....although I can't say I've ever looked for one. On the Big Island your best bet would be to look in Hilo. If your going to Honolulu you may find a shop but don't expect any savings.   Dave
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