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We all have to start some place but as you've discovered working for a chain can be mundane. Consider your employment moves carefully. You don't want to be perceived by potential employers as some one that's going to jump ship every six months. It looks a heckuva lot better if you approach me and say you've been working at a chain for a year but your not learning any thing about being a Chef. At six months it makes me as an employer wonder if you have enough commitment...
      Mmmmmm Pigs in blankets....Oink!   Dave
    Are you not in the US? The Masamoto here is running about $50 less than that on sale until the end of the year. However if you can get the MAC for $100 less and it's the right size and series you want I'd be all over that like a Duck on a June bug!   Dave
I remember Emeril doing smoked venison with cinnamon sticks in the past. I always forget about the smoke guns but that would be fun to try!   Dave
Thanks for letting me know.   Dave
  No one picked up a BA in the US and then went to med school for 44K. Some one was pulling your leg or they had a Scholarship. AFAIK a VET requires a BA which typically takes four years. Average tuition only cost for in state university students is around 75k total. Much higher if you are the resident of one state and go to another state University or private school. Med school is four years. Add another 100k just for tuition. Then they work for next to nothing for...
I just noticed my profile does not show at all on the main CT page for post count or contribution even though my post count is higher than some listed. Do I have something incorrect in my settings?   Dave
If you can't make enough to pay your loans then your not trying hard enough. IMO there's nothing "dumb a**" about going to school or taking a student loan if needed. The bigger problem with student loans is not the cost of tuition, it's taking loan $$ and using it on vacations, over priced knives, beer etc. Taking a loan is a pure financial decision. Treat it like one. It's not free $$$. There's a really flawed theory that gets regurgitated all too often here at...
    Why? Deal with that Chef. Your employees use that room. Even if those responsibilities don't fall under your purview your a department head so talk to the person responsible and take care of it even if it means sliding some one a steak sandwich for staff meal. Assuming you have both M and F restrooms and a unisex locker room I would have dealt with any one stripping down to full nudity in front of the opposite sex in .00001 seconds. There's nothing appropriate about....
I'd not waste my time with that much frustration on a prep cook. No matter how good they are. Your instincts are telling you this is a problem and clearly it is. Setting that aside why is there not a M and F restroom? That's where the lockers should be. If you decide to speak to her do NOT do it alone. Bring in another manager, preferably a Female.     Dave
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