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I haven't tried those but that seems like a very reasonable price. Organic Roasters at Whole foods here are $2.99 a pound so typically in the $15-18 range for a whole bird. While the pound price might seem a bit high they are a very good value compared to so many others I see now with a water logged diaper and water injected into the bird.
At the time I bought the Chosera Naniwa marketed this as a stone that needed to be soaked as did the major dealer for these stones. It is interesting that now the same dealer has it as a splash and go stone but at the same time says soaking is fine...just not for extended periods.  It's hard not to notice the Chosera is also now marketed as a "Professional" stone. The box is different from mine (as are the product numbers on the stone) and it doesn't look like it comes...
The only issues I've ever seen any post until now on the Chosera have been with the 5K+ stones. All I can say is I've had mine for about 4 years with no issues. Unless I soak it 20 minutes I just have to constantly wet it. It performs poorly unless I soak it. When it reaches what seems to be it's sweet spot for water retention it becomes a different stone. TBH if others are having issues soaking these I'm not sure I would not suggest this stone as they are over $80.
 You do indeed need to soak the 800/1k Chosera if you want it to perform it's best. It's not a splash and go stone. The only thing you do not want to do with a chosera is leave it on an extended soak.  They are not intended to be permanent soak stones.I find about 20 minutes is about right for the 1k. If you want splash and go stones from Naniwa then you want the SS's.The only Chosera's you really need to be careful soaking are 5K +.
 Frankly that's all you may ever really need. Unless you intend to do a lot of re-profiling you will not need a coarser stone. I can't imagine being with out either a Chosera 800 or 1k.You will need to soak the Chosera. It' is not a splash and go stone like the Naniwa SS. Based on what you've posted I think you could go for years and be very happy with just the 800 Chosera and a 5K Naniwa SS.
Titanium1 I assume you mean the AC Copper core set.  The quality of the AC brand has continued in a downward spiral over the last several years. The Copper Core is only going to give you a nominal performance edge Vs their Tri-Ply which is a fraction of the cost. It's always worth the time to at least cost the individual pieces you want before buying a set. Personally I'd never want all one brand or type of cookware. As far as Falk goes this is a very old thread and...
I've kind of given up on the Chuck since they are now pushing $5 a pound. Lately I've been using a blend of 50/50 brisket and Choice NY strip which is typically $5.50 a pound here for sub-primals in cryo. If I can find it I like to add some tongue to the mix.
 ...and Ice Chisels..and
 I find the cast iron handles on the 2.5mm transfer far less heat that the bronze handles they use on their 2mm line. Either way hot handles have been a factor on every Copper pot I've had. The All clad Copper Core is nice but I find both of these products to be very different tools and I wouldn't want to be with out a few of either. As far as cleaning goes with the Mauviel smooth Copper does seem to drive some wonky... although I never really understood why. You can...
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