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Where's the sofrito?
Pick a roll or case that you like. Beyond that flying with knives is no different than carrying them any place else as they have to go in your checked luggage. I always put a post it note on a roll (SHARP!) so I don't ruin some TSA agents day. I like to pack mine with a Chef coat as well in a post 9-11 world. If traveling with expensive knives ask to have your bag pre-inspected so they tag it and then you can lock it. This cuts down on theft as no baggage handler will...
If you make Kraut in the house it can get odoriferous after several weeks. Using a heavy towel over the top of the crock does help keep that at bay. Once I reach that point my kraut is usually pretty close to being finished.  
  No harder to clean than any other fish. Even kings are good eating but oily. We used to steak Kings and broil them.   Dave
I use a BGE which shouldn't be all that different from what you have. I set my smoker to around 230 just like I would for pulled pig. I use Applewood Chunk.  I put the ribs on for 1 hour. Flip them and then 1 more hour. I then remove the ribs and wrap them in aluminum foil. I sauce mine at this time but that's optional. I put the covered ribs back in the smoker for 90 minutes at the same temp. I then remove the ribs from the BGE, unwrap them and bring my grill up to...
    LOL That may be the funniest food related tat ever!
    Nothing ventured nothing gained. We all started some place. The biggest mistake I see young Chefs make is job hopping or just emailing stage requests/resumes. You need to sell yourself and the best way to do that is face to face. So how do you get there? Boots on the ground asking to speak to the Chef. I could have a stack of resumes on my desk but if some one walks in the door and shows enough interest, presents well, stands tall and proud with out being cocky I was...
If it was on my plate I'd call it gone!   Dave
I make about 20 quarts every Fall. Butzy there's nothing wrong with your method although I would rather use crocks. The reason many pound the kraut after it's cut is to get the water to start to come out of the cabbadge and speed up the process. That's a very traditional method although as mentioned up-thread if you slice your cabbage thin enough you can skip that step. The temps may be the biggest challenge where you live. 70 F is about ideal. The next biggest...
Cobia is a very firm flesh. In the South I would see it fried and grilled often. I like both Cobia and Mahi grilled with Jerk Seasoning.   Dave
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