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  Welcome to CT! 1) Yes you can work on plates at home and yes the dish machine will sanitize them just fine. I'd suggest you buy a quality wood cutting board though and they can not go in the dish machine. They are not difficult to clean or maintain. After all, you need to clean and sanitize you knives and counter top as well and neither of those go in the dish machine either. ;)Plastic boards can be hard on your knives and any cuts or slices in the plastic can hold...
That's a very nice set of knives Allen. I would lean towards the GH from Jon. I'd second Benuser's advice to buy from a retailer that will open the knife for you. The last I looked Korin performs this service for free if you buy a knife from them. I have no idea if Jon charges for the service but if he does it would be $$$ well spent.
I never use it but can't see the harm as long as you know what the product is. I think the biggest issue with Truffle oil is the folks that get hood winked thinking that they are at least buying oil that's been infused with truffles, which I'm sure some brands actually are but they would surely be the exception to the norm with a price to match.
I spent many years as a Corporate Exec. I can't say I see Cash flow as more important than what goes on a plate, although it may seem like that at times. Irrespective of whether you work in a corporate environment or not if you fail to grasp the significance of cost and cash flow then your career at the top will likely be limited. What goes on a plate is equally as important as the bottom line or parameters that your employer sets for you. This will never change in a...
"From France they say mauviel France, the pots I've purchased recently say Mauviel 1830"   I've several Mauviel 2.5mm purchased in the last year and I have the same variation in stamps. Same series of 2.5mm. The Mauviel stamp can change font as well.
"I've been collecting the Mauviel 2.5MM copper pots on my trips to France over the last few years"   Mauviel has changed their stamps a number of times. However 2.5mm SS lined is still 2.5mm SS lined irrespective of the stamp. Since you mentioned that you have been buying in France you might want to double check the thickness. IIR many of the Mauviel Cuprinox sold there are 2mm, not 2.5mm. The only difference between Mauviel series of Copper with SS linings other than...
Another +1 to what Mano said.
"I kind of understand that the block won't be as easy to clean as a regular cutting board, as it cannot be moved into the sink. But I don't know exactly how much cleaning work will be involved."   There's no more cleaning or maintenance involved than with any other end grain board. Sanitize after use and buy or make some board wax/butter to keep it maintained. As you already noted the only real difference is you can't put it in the sink which really isn't the best way to...
I have no idea what the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is up with all the necro-bumping but since Chizberger is from the Phillipines I sincerely hope that Chizburger and family are well.   Dave
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