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As a patron; Steal my CC info. As an employee; Knock over an entire speed rack of stem ware.   Dave
That's some very nice knife work Missy. The next stone I would suggest would either be a 5K Naniwa SS or a 3K 'Rika from Dave Martell. I use the 5K SS myself and have had it for several years.   Dave
There's only one change I would make there and that's to pick either a stiff or flexible boner. Most tend to prefer one or the other so there's no need for both. I prefer a pairing knife as well but many opt for a slightly longer petty. A Nakiri or Santoku is not in my kit but a cleaver fills the same space.   Dave
  That's what a fighting chair is for!   Dave
Mark is charging $20 just for finish sharpening. That is not thinning behind the edge and those knives need a fair amount of work. $20 is not even going to get you close. Far better off IMO just spending the $170 from Jon on a WA Gesshin Uraku and having Jon set the edge for a Lefty. That's a very good price from JKI considering Koki is now charging $170 for a VG-10 Kagayaki. @ Jenniflop, I haven't seen one of these but since you started with Carbon you may also want...
The Richmond knives need a lot of thinning behind the edge which is one of the reasons I suggest looking for a used one. That takes a fair amount of work that's beyond resetting the asymmetry of an edge. Either of these knives are going to require some work, as will most knives in this price range. That issue is compounded further to some degree with you being a lefty. Remember you are shopping a price point that's lower than a Mac pro and prices on many knives have gone...
    I'd say that's fairly subjective. A factory edge is not a solid reason to pick one over the other. Before you jump too quick you might want to spend some time on KKF watching the classified section and reading about both of these knives. The Carbonext has a loyal following but if you pick up a used knife over there it will probably be in much better shape considering the amount of work either of these may need. You might also score a much better knife for your price...
  I think just about every one that's worked in this field for any amount of time knows that feeling. When I started working for the Mouse I was expediting in a kitchen that did nearly six figures a day. The minute the doors opened the printers would take off on a tear and not let off all day long. In addition to all of the good advice you've already been given; when you find your self in a challenging position try to make a mental "game" out of the situation. Your mind...
Mmmmmmm Fresh Caught Mahi is just awesome. We caught several Mahi last summer on a Tuna fishing trip to the OBX  but they were all smaller chicks and no nice Bulls. A 55 # Mahi is a dandy!   Dave
  Clearly some have a vastly better work ethic than others. I spent two years under a CMC in a major concert/sports arena and then spent a few more as an Exec for a large hotel near the same venue. I'm sure there's a few stories I might share with Chef Petals or Twyst over a cold soda but posting on line about Celebs you cooked for reminds me of something the same crowd that would go on line and whine about their Chef would do. It's just poor form.   Dave
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