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Have you considered a small Immersion blender with attachment?
I wanna meet the cook that can yield 80% out of a whole Salmon! 8-10% is a normal loss for skinning alone. The Skeleton weighs a heckuva lot more than the skin. 30% is a reasonable loss even on H&G Salmon. 50% fillet yield on grouper or snapper is pretty much right on the $$ unless you have a very skilled fish cleaner.   Dave
  I'd rather shoot M-16's and LAW's instead of those cute little 9mm's the Navy uses.   Dave
Get your Googlefu on with Vector marketing and I think you will find that a lot of young people have been burned pretty hard by them. Setting that aside they are grossly over priced for what they are.   Dave
There wouldn't be any thing easy about chilling hotel pans in a kiddie pool unless you put all of the hotel pans in the pool first and then filled it with ice and water. Chilling in a 40 gallon pot with a couple of rapid cool paddles would be much easier, more efficient and considerably safer. 6" deep hotel pans do not cool rapidly on the interior especially with a product like gumbo. IMO you'd still need rapid cool paddles.   Dave
The rapid cool paddles in combination with an ice bath after transferring to smaller pots or SS inserts is by far the best option.  Hotel pans are not a lot of fun to ice bath unless you have a commercial kitchen with heat wells that you can turn off and ice. Even then you will probably not be able to cool all of your product at once. The rapid cool paddles for a product like gumbo are most assuredly not a waste of $$. They are...
A little light reading;   http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/chef_mario_tips_over_dInWVOVgD5Y4zdLYtoEz4K     http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20100304/manhattan/iron-chef-bobby-flay-fork-over-800k-restaurant-workers       http://ny.eater.com/archives/2012/05/lidia_bastianich_offers_to_pay_employees_not_to_sue.php
Personally I wouldn't be caught dead in those Navy Tidy Whities. Camo is much better. GO ARMY! My Basic was over 30 years ago at Ft Jackson SC. The military has some incredible kitchens so just like cooking any where you go as far as you want to. Better start setting that alarm clock early!     Dave
I was actually feeling a little bad for Paula and willing to forgive the past but I saw an interview the other day with some of her kitchen staff. If even 1/2 of the claims they are making about racism in her business are true then I'd say she's history. The problem I see is that among Celebrity Chef's, TV personalities etc she's not just a star but a super star. Putting that in perspective RR, Emeril, Batali, Ramsey etc all run right around 8 million a year in gross...
    Even Corporate Executive Chefs answer to other managers. There's a lot of working Chef's out there who are under neath the GM or even the F&B in the management structure. Just because you have to follow guidelines that are some times completely inane doesn't mean you are not a Chef.     Dave
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