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    Even Corporate Executive Chefs answer to other managers. There's a lot of working Chef's out there who are under neath the GM or even the F&B in the management structure. Just because you have to follow guidelines that are some times completely inane doesn't mean you are not a Chef.     Dave
What's an over priced wetstone? Every water stone I've ever bought was well worth the $$. I've had some Arkansas stones that weren't worth a plugged nickel with quartz deposits in the past but that's another story. I'd start by washing the stone gently with Dawn and then flattening the stone. If it's not a soft stone hopefully the oil didn't penetrate too deep. If you need help sharpening watch Jon's videos @ JKI.     Dave
6/26/13;   New York's highest court said Starbuck's baristas must share their tips with shift supervisors, but assistant managers are left out in the cold. The Court of Appeals on Wednesday found that shift supervisors who do much of the same work as the coffee servers get to share in the tips. The court also ruled the company can deny those tips to assistant managers. The court backed Starbucks' policy of divvying up the tips, saying it's consistent with...
DVD's are going to a good home. Thanks for looking.  
    Rich, with all due respect that was at least five years ago and I recall this happening to two people who both got the issue sorted out in the end. Koki has a solid following and has excellent service not to mention the best International service by a wide margin. This happened when Koki was establishing an office for returns in the US. Every dealer has issues at some point but in this case they were resolved. Those very limited issues with one knife are certainly not...
Free to any established member that's a Culinary student in the USA. Please have at least 50 posts and have been registered @ Chef Talk for at least 30 days. I do ask that you never sell these and agree to pass them on and pay it forward when you are done with them. These are free including shipping. If you haven't been here 30 days or have fewer posts you can still get them by sending me a PM with a copy of your acceptance letter to school or a copy of your student...
Where's the sofrito?
Pick a roll or case that you like. Beyond that flying with knives is no different than carrying them any place else as they have to go in your checked luggage. I always put a post it note on a roll (SHARP!) so I don't ruin some TSA agents day. I like to pack mine with a Chef coat as well in a post 9-11 world. If traveling with expensive knives ask to have your bag pre-inspected so they tag it and then you can lock it. This cuts down on theft as no baggage handler will...
If you make Kraut in the house it can get odoriferous after several weeks. Using a heavy towel over the top of the crock does help keep that at bay. Once I reach that point my kraut is usually pretty close to being finished.  
  No harder to clean than any other fish. Even kings are good eating but oily. We used to steak Kings and broil them.   Dave
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