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 You've said you left a four year university but we have no idea if that means you have a degree. If you already have a degree the only reason to go to culinary school would be to learn to cook. Hopefully, most of your basic credits would transfer to what ever school you choose. Verify credit transfers before committing to a program. Any accredited culinary program should finish with ACF certification.  Every one qualifies for certification as long as you join the ACF...
I've never tried this but it was quite popular a few years ago so you should be able to get a lot of ideas if you get your Googlefu on. I've been wanting to toss a Jack in the coals of the BGE the next time I burn it off and try a riff on a Caribbean salad. I would expect that at least visually you should be able get a nice pseudo pulled pig. In the whole vegan vein my personal favorite is mock poke made with roasted beets.   Dave
Ya gotta love a Chef with a restaurant called the Fat Duck.   Dave
It's very hard to over cook poached Salmon so that's surely a "Pro". If your new to poaching Salmon one technique that is very fast and easy is to slice thin escallops and fan them. You can poach Salmon this way in a very shallow pan and it cooks very fast so for a line cook that's a HUGE plus. This method is also far easier to gage a finished product (just touch it like a steak with your finger tip) Vs trying to tell if a submerged fillet is done perfectly. Better yet,...
The real question before any one can extract the best method is how big is the Rib Eye? While an internal temperature of 100F is always 100F the same internal temperature does not yield equal results on all steaks.  A 12 oz boneless Rib Eye brought up slowly to an internal temp of 100F will already be over done for some and will have a much different result in terms of "doneness"  compared to a 24oz rib eye @ 100F, which will still be very Rare and can then be seared...
 In almost every major city there are numerous corporations that have private contracts with companies like Aramark, Host, etc. The vast majority of these are not douchey jobs like the lunch lady or retirement homes. One of the best kitchens I ever had was in a secured bank building for Executives. Work was M-F, No nights, No weekends, No holidays. Most of my cooks worked 7:30-4:00.  That kitchen was freakin amazing. Salaries are lower but quality of life is a nice trade...
  You might want to consider picking up a 3" thick Maple cutting board. There are a few companies that make them in this thickness in both end and edge grain. Brunoise is one place a laser absolutely shines.   Dave
I really like the Dexter Russel Oyster knives with the Sani-Safe handle and they make numerous blade styles. The problem I've always had with wood handled Oyster knives is that the blade eventually comes loose.
Luke...May the force (meat) be with you! (Sorry I couldn't help myself). I've a soft spot for Susan Spicers place so that would rate very high on my list. However no trip to NOLA would be complete for me without a stop @ Cochon Butcher for a Muffaletta. There's so many great choices in NOLA but Herbsaint would also be worthy of consideration.   Dave
If you want flowers from the Onion family you might want to try Chive flowers. They are abundant this time of year and a very pretty purple. Chives are also easy to grow, plus you can do any number of riffs on Chive mashed spuds so the garnish is not only edible but cohisive.   Dave
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