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I sincerely hope no one is loaning $$$ and paying interest on a knife.  I'd ditch the Mercers toot sweet if possible with out going in debt. I don't agree at all with the notion that buying better knives won't improve your skills. There's a learning curve for every one and that curve is much steeper with dull knives. I'd suggest looking for some used Wusthof/Henkels or other German knives. You can find them pretty darn cheap second hand. Watch some videos or try to loan...
  I don't see loyalty as an issue in this case.  In the Mid-West we have a lot of people that five years ago were making solid six figure salaries. The auto companies/suppliers have been calling many of those people back to work. It's a bit unreasonable to think that some one making a career move is going to keep grinding it out for two weeks.         No offense to Twyst and as I posted I handle things pretty much the same way when I don't want to give a positive...
As Pete said. Bread and into the fridge. There's no problem at all pre-breading before service. We used to line up speed racks of pre-breaded product in the cooler.   Dave
I would never give any one a bad reference unless you like defending lawsuits. While it doesn't mean the other party will win if they file a case, legal fees are expensive and you won't get very far with future promotions if your employer starts fighting lawsuits. Remember it just might be you looking for a reference in the future. For any of my people that were exceptional I always gave a letter of recommendation at their exit interview. For those I don't want to...
I've been hearing about this on the news for weeks now but at least on a retail level I haven't seen a spike in prices here. For home I did put a few strip loins and briskets in the freezer just in case prices get a little carried away. Gas OTOH is $4.30 a gallon here!   Dave
I think the longest for me was about 45 days at an Inn but that was a looooong time ago. What I think about more often is how many non-stop hours I've worked with out sleeping.   Dave
Where's that bottle of kitchen bouquet when you really need it?
As a patron; Steal my CC info. As an employee; Knock over an entire speed rack of stem ware.   Dave
That's some very nice knife work Missy. The next stone I would suggest would either be a 5K Naniwa SS or a 3K 'Rika from Dave Martell. I use the 5K SS myself and have had it for several years.   Dave
There's only one change I would make there and that's to pick either a stiff or flexible boner. Most tend to prefer one or the other so there's no need for both. I prefer a pairing knife as well but many opt for a slightly longer petty. A Nakiri or Santoku is not in my kit but a cleaver fills the same space.   Dave
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