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You may want to watch eBay for a used 8 or 10" Wusthof. They pop up every now and then as people buy then not knowing that they were buying the wrong tool and then sell them because they are too heavy. :lol: Both of these are better options than the Forschner (IMO) as that one is 13" long. Keep looking around as others do make wide heavy knives as well.
I have had a salter for years. If I had to replace it I'm sure I would buy another of the same brand.
I have a tilt braiser and it never occurred to me to use it like this. It seems like more work than roasting bones. When I run into a situation like this I let my guys show me their way. In this case we would do a blind taste test. If they can show me they can produce a better stock with out a lot more work then I'm good with that. The last thing I want to do is dissuade my guys from thinking. If the results are the same and it takes more work then it's back to the oven...
"What is the most effective way to get this guy to pay us?" Assuming you are in the US...Contact the US department of labor. It may take some time but you will get paid.
Sure I agree with that. I can't speak for Batali but you will find Emeril in his kitchens. I suspect both of them are fairly hands on or at least as much as they can be. In regards to the turkey I'm not so sure it was left in the fryer too long. It wasn't over cooked but it got a bit darker on the out side than they wanted. I wasn't surprised at that because IIR they said it was marinated in some soy. Ed, I totally agree. Booby Flay might be a nice guy but IMO he was...
Assumes facts not in evidence. Unfortunately it seems today that few cooks know what an Executive Chef actually is. If they are "CEO's" then they are THE authority for the kitchen. Emeril is a CMC and obviously Batali is VERY skilled so I don't think they were at a disadvantage by not being "working" chefs. Some how I suspect they both might take exception to that descriptive.
I'd opt for a 10" wide heavy knife like the Wusthof. Since the OP mentioned Global here is a spine shot of a standard Wusthof, a Wide Heavy Wusthof (middle) and a Global gyuto (right). There are other brands that offer wide heavy chefs knives. The sani-safe, dexter and standard forschners are all pretty thin and lack weight.
I've no idea why you would say that. Batali and Emeril are both still working Chefs, not that it really has any impact on a competition like this. The Iron Chef has become a bit of a joke. BTW I'll take a plate of those Batali egg ravioli's! The chowder had me laffin. Yum Yum green glop in a bowl. Kinda like spinach babby food. :lol:
While not an absolute this past year America's Test Kitchen (Cooks illustrated) tested steak knives. The #1 pick was for the wood handled forschners which are about the same price as the Cutco. These are straight edge so you can sharpen them and they come in round or pointed tip versions. I'll leave a link. Their second choice was for cuisinart which you can find at bed bath & beyond for around $40 - 45 for a set of four. I've seen these at Lowes as well. Here I get a BB&B...
The last time I asked an Indian about spices I got scalloped. :peace: That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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