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Solid advice there. :) I often just put a stick blender in the pot for a few seconds. Zip Zip done. Every time I use an immersion blender in beans I think of how much I miss the good ole days of pulling some beans out of the pot and putting them in the processor only to have the lid leak or not seat right and have hot flying bean dip every where......LOL
It's hard to say if you should step up. Overall knives are a very personal choice. What I can tell you is that I am using a JCK Kagayaki VG-10 WA Gyuto and I'm thrilled with it. They are an exceptional value for the price. As far as boards go in years past I would have agreed with the suggestion for Boos. However over the last few years I have had a few boards by John Boos fail. Americas Test Kitchen had a Boos board fail during testing and I have heard the same from...
Kevin has a chance to try out for the team. I'm a big fan of Kevin. You have to appreciate a young Chef with that much talent. However that type of cooking is not his forte. I do think he will still learn a lot from the mentoring he will likely receive and the opportunity to compete for a spot on the team.
Where are you working for Michael Symon? If you are in the Detroit area drop me a PM and I'll buy the coffee. I think the F.Dicks are a fine place to start if you can't afford more right now. F.Dick is a good working knife at a great price and theft can be an issue where ever you go. While the Mac Pro is a fine knife it's not inexpensive for some one just starting out and you can (and will) always add more and better knives to your kit in the future.
The challenge is never equally balanced at the end and regrettably Kevin drew the short stick with the Sous Chef's this time. He failed to manage his staff properly, became frustrated and ultimately failed. That's un-fortunate but I think he has a lot of raw talent with out the benefit of the work experience that the V brothers have. I think we will hear more from Kevin in the years to come. IMO the right Chef won. In the end this was the best season yet and the show seems...
I believe so but you can pull up the Mauviel web site and take a look. :)
I own a Viking and I'm very pleased with it. However Viking customer service is not the greatest. Would I buy another Viking? Probably not but only because they are starting to focus on sealed burners but if they had a model like my current Viking that is 10 years old with a self cleaning oven and open burners it would be very high on my list. Wolf used to be a great product before they were bought out. Every one should bear in mind that the whole customer service gigg is...
Any one taking wagers for the top two? My picks are Brian V and Kevin.
Truffles or chocolate mousse.
Swordfish frequently has worms as well. All sushi in the USA at least that sold to the letter of the law has to be frozen to kill parasites. There is a USDA formula for time and temperature. While Tuna is less prone to parasites IIR the Tuna freezers at Morimoto run at some thing like minus eighty six degrees.
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