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I'd rather store my knives in a drawer than use a magnetic rack. Many Chef's carry their knives in a box which on average likely sees more abuse getting carried than a knife drawer. Magnetic racks make my toes curl like a cheap electric grinder. While I like Wusthof I'm not a great fan of the Ikon. Having said that Kevin if you think they are just what the doctor ordered get one! The Mac is a fine knife but it is thin, stamped and the handle is nothing like the Ikon. I...
A fondue is prepared to order and not being held or at least one would hope that is the case. A fondue also considerably thicker. Clotting should not be an issue in a soup. Assuming the OP was using milk as a base and not heavy cream then seperating proteins may have been killing the soup.
Why in Gods green earth would you put lemon in a beer and cheese soup? That's likely the culprit. You also need to watch the temperature as it sets. There is no reason you can't hold a cheese soup with out it breaking.
No matter what brand of Gyuto you get I would lean towards 240mm. As you already know I think option #2 is the way to go. If nothing else you can get a feel for length and make a better decision about the need for a utility and a slicer. What's the worst that can happen? You pay a few dollars more to ship a second order? I don't think you can make a bad choice out of your #2 list and you could always just go for the Mac bread knife. FWIW I like the Guede or on a more cost...
If you ever get tired of that Mauviel Windsor pot Sam you can send it to me. :peace:
I'm glad to hear you found what you like. I noticed some Viking cookware at Sur la Table recently that looked very nice. I hope it serves you well. :)
"I had to google 'endosperm' " It may interest you to know that corn starch is made from the endosperm of corn. ;)
Unless you go at a batch of risotto like a human mixer you are not going to make the rice gummy just by stirring it. If you get gummy risotto chances are you over cooked it, used too much stock or just started with the wrong rice. Other than making risotto for a large party I'm not sure I see the benefit of pressure cooking. By the time you saute the rice, add stock and get the pressure cooker sealed and up to temp, cook, cool the cooker add more stock and finish your cook...
I load them on sheet pans and do them under the broiler when I have a bunch. Either that or I call maintenance and they roll over the acetylene torch. :lol:
The move to a Chef's knife is a solid one. Of those I would lean towards the JCK Kagayaki VG10, Hiromoto or the MAC Pro. Since you have switched to a Chef's knife and some of your choices are thin I would hold off on a slicer until you see if you really need one. You have picked slicers at a higher price point than your Chef's knife. I would spend more on a primary use knife to begin with. Mac makes two bread knives. Make sure you are choosing the bread knife that is...
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