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I've no idea why you would say that. Batali and Emeril are both still working Chefs, not that it really has any impact on a competition like this. The Iron Chef has become a bit of a joke. BTW I'll take a plate of those Batali egg ravioli's! The chowder had me laffin. Yum Yum green glop in a bowl. Kinda like spinach babby food. :lol:
While not an absolute this past year America's Test Kitchen (Cooks illustrated) tested steak knives. The #1 pick was for the wood handled forschners which are about the same price as the Cutco. These are straight edge so you can sharpen them and they come in round or pointed tip versions. I'll leave a link. Their second choice was for cuisinart which you can find at bed bath & beyond for around $40 - 45 for a set of four. I've seen these at Lowes as well. Here I get a BB&B...
The last time I asked an Indian about spices I got scalloped. :peace: That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Just remember you can not sharpen the Cutco DD steak knives. You have to send them in for sharpening and they get dull fairly quick. If you can return them you can buy a nicer set for a fraction of the price that you can maintain at home. If not then they work fine. Mine were a gift 12(?) years ago. The biggest down side is that you hit a bone or the plate the blades will chip very easy. Cutco is good about replacing them but you need to watch for that especially towards...
Ahh I see where your coming from BDL. The one thing I have seen people do with the grinders is gouge the rear of the blade the first time they use the grinder. Always a good idea to start with an old knife to get the feel of the wheel. For lack of a better description the sort of feel like they are grabbing the blade when you first start using one. I'm just not a grinder fan although to be honest I use a Chefs choice on my Dexter cleaver after I abuse it. Saves a bunch of...
"The Model 15, which is their top of the line as far as you're concerned, would net you a considerably better edge than anything you could put on a Wusthof -- at least using Wustie's factory bevel" That might be a wee bit of an exageration and is subject to interpretation at the very least. Another thing to consider is a grinder in the wrong hands can destroy a knife PDQ.
"what are you doing with them now?" Wishing I had more ! :cry::lol:
Google will tell you more than you want to know. ;)
Mise en place.
"I have a bachelor's degree in economics." Another way that is going to help is with the education requirements as you climb in certification level. You will receive points for each level of your education. X points for grauating HS and X points for your degree. So you already have one segment of your certification knocked out of the way! :)
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