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Hey everybody, I've recently grown a great intrest in cooking and baking, I'm currently dieting down for a bodybuilding competition and will be done in two weeks, that's when I can start really making some magic in the I'm hoping to attend culinary night classes starting in October, I'm still waiting to see if they are going to offer a night class program. I look forward to talking to ya'll!!
Thank you very much for the ideas, I really do appreciate them. What is Quinta? Only 13 days to go, then I can start cooking for real...wooohoo!
Hey there! Does anybody know of any recipe to cook cabbage, without using any fats or carbs? I'm currently in precontest diet for a bodybuilding show (only two weeks to go!) My allowed food source list is very limited (no fats or carbs for most meals) any help would be much appreciated, and possibly save my sanity!!
Thank you so much! I actually tried a lower heat and letting the spray "soak in" a bit before cooking, and it seemed to help a bit. I just started cooking literally three weeks ago,lol, so I'm hoping to learn a lot more from you folks around here, thanks again!
Hey everybody, I'm new to cooking (lived on fast food and restaraunts my whole Anyhow, I purchased a new skillet last night, stainless coated with a copper disk bottom, I thought it would be great for eggs, so I use it for the first time after hand washing it, and the eggs keep sticking to the bottom, is the some kind of pre treatment I was supposed to give this skillet before I used it. P.S. I did use cooking spray
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