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Which Appetizers Have Olive Oil?       PINOT     Willie24
          After 35 years of valiant service we finally put our Le Creuset dutch oven out to pasture ( they make a nice planter ) and had to replace it. I priced a 5 1/2 qt. Le Creuset at Amazon for $232. I'm sorry, I can't justify spending that much for a dutch oven no matter how good it is. We looked at a couple of more economical ovens - the 6 qt. Lodge cast iron enamel coated ($50) and the 6.5 qt. Tramontina cast iron enamel coated ($34). Since we already have some...
I also received that email and my subscription isn't close to being up.
BDL - Thanks for the post, I think you've just helped me improve my pie crust a great deal. The key is the constant chilling of the ingredients as you go through the process. I think I need to go bake a pie! Willie ___________________ I think so, Brain, But if we get Sam Spade, we'll never have any puppies.
Tyro - last year I was in the market for a stand mixer and posted a message very similar to yours. I had just begun to make bread and therefore I started to do my due diligence, reading every review I could get my eyes on. Keeping in mind that reviews on, say Amazon.com for one, are not entirely reliable you can pick up some info that can help you make a decision. Look for reoccuring complaints such as motors overheating after several minutes or dough riding up the dough...
Among other uses, we add vinegars to various sauces and glazes that have honey, brown sugar, or any other form of sweetener in them. Mix some cider vinegar, dried mustard, ground clove, crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper and honey/brown sugar over heat and you've got a great glaze for a baked ham. A little honey and balsamic reduced to a light syrup is nice on a caprese salad. Willie _____________________________ I think so, Brain, but if we give peas a chance,...
Nicko - Enjoy your day and thank you for all the effort you put in on the site. Happy Birthday, Willie
Sounds like we pretty much have this surrounded. I do add one tablespoon of flour to my batter and bake it in a bain marie about one inch deep. Make sure to butter the side of the spring pan after you prebake your bottom crust - this will help the cake release from the sides as it cools therefore reducing any cracking due to the cake sticking in spots on the side and releasing in others. When you're done baking leave your cheesecake in the oven with the door shut for at...
Left shoe - left sock - right shoe - right sock. That way I don't have to worry about tripping on my laces. Little tough on socks though... Living on the edge, Willie
Happy birthday Chef - enjoy your day! Willie
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