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Quote:Cheflayne: Are there any KM jobs in Isleton?
There are a lot of options for chefs that would like to "normalize" work hours. Look at retirement homes. Many feature upscale cuisine and search for cooks and chefs with restaurant experience. The so-called business and industry segment (employee dining rooms) is also an option, as are any number of institutions.   Also look at year-round camps. Many feature small groups and conferences during the off season. You work like crazy during the summer camp season, then...
Hopefully better than the pancakes I had at Denny's Placerville last night! They were horrible. It was late, nothing much was open and I refused to eat at McDonalds.
Hotcakes (either oatcakes, yeasted or blueberry) are run weekly at the summer camp. Since 75 percent of the campers (mostly families at Oakland Feather River Camp) come to the dining hall in the first 15 to 30 minutes of the meal, I work ahead to cover the rush. Twenty-four cakes go in each 2-inch hotel pan. I have enough in the hot box to take care of the rush. I switch to preparing a pan or two at a time after the rush is over.
I worked as a dietary service supervisor at a California skilled nursing facility over 30 years ago. As @fatbob166 said, SNF food service (and health care in general) is a different world. There are hundreds of rules that must be followed to the letter (in California, most come in the form of Title 22 of the state regulations).   Here are a few areas to pay attention to:   1--Cooking will be the least of your challenges. While you may be able to improve on the quality...
The difference here is international travel. You may want to ask the airline now to see if the cutlery roll will raise red flags, even when it's traveling in the belly of the plane.
 Opened the walk-in door on my wife one time. No good!
Steph ... It sounds like you're on the right track. Over the years, I've developed a series of Excel spreadsheets that help me track my expenses, budget, etc. The type of reports that you need depends of the segment of the industry you're in. Restaurants generally track food cost, labor cost, etc., as a percentage of gross income. However, in non-commercial food service (institutions), food cost is usually accounted for via cost per person per day. At my camp, where I work...
While it is nice to know where your vintage or antique cast iron cookware was made, it ready doesn't matter in the end unless you're going to sell it. My philosophy toward cast iron is this: If it is in good condition and seasonable, it's going to be put to work. Otherwise, I'll sell it or give the piece away. I don't want any iron in my collection that cannot be put to work. I don't collect museum pieces. This philosophy helps limit the size of my collection.   All of...
It's always easier to help if you describe what are you doing in detail. I use an earlier version of Pro Baking (4th, I think) and have never had a problem. Do you weigh ingredients? Or measure? My standard formula for biscuits includes 35% fat and 65% buttermilk. Other ingredient include 6% baking powder, 0.5% soda, and 1.25% salt.
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